Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Through the eyes of my Mom Part 1

By Jill Marie

Happy New Years Eve (or New Year)!

It has been quite a long time since I posted a blog.  I don't always have 5 great tips or 3 simple solutions to share.  In fact...that isn't why I originally started blogging in the first place.

To me it was a way to share information that I was learning or processing and I liked to share it with others on their journey...not as an expert but as a fellow journeyer.  I wasn't so good at following the proper blog formula to engage the reader.  Which I certainly would like to do...otherwise it is a waste of your time and potentially mine if I was attempting to write a real gem every time I blogged...but that put some incredible pressure on me so instead of writing from my heart I got caught up in the rules and for me, if I'm not passionate about it then it just becomes another chore.

Today I just want to write for me and if it speaks to you I hope you'll read it and it would be awesome if it touches your soul in some way, and if not that is totally fine too ;)

This has been a tough few years for me and now that my Dad passed away it makes me miss my Mom even more.  She died in April 2011, and he passed in July 2013.

That brings me to my story...

For 5 years I have had one of those old disposable cameras sitting on a shelf.  It was my Mom's and I told her I would get it developed for her.  There were still 8 photos left so she asked me to use them up...or I could just get it developed, my choice.

Digital was the hot ticket by now so I never did take any photos with that camera...and I never developed it either.

It sat on my counter, then in a drawer, the hall closet, up to my room on my dresser, then in my sock drawer, back to my dresser...and back and forth it went.

Looking at that camera after my mom died was a reminder that it is something I never did for her.  So again I put it in on the counter to bring with me the next time I went to the store.  Yet I didn't do it.

 Why?  I can't explain it...I wanted to, I planned on it, but it just never made it to the store.

This past felt like it was time, time to take it to the store and finally see what my mom loved enough to take some pictures of.  I was ready, the camera was ready, and it seemed even my mom was hanging around in the ethers reassuring me that this was the perfect time.

So off I went to Costco...only for them to say they no longer develop that type of film.  My heart sank...was this a lesson to do what I say I'm going to do, when I say I'm going to do it...which is some people's definition of Success.  I like that definition...except then that meant that I failed :(

Or was it a lesson in trusting in Divine timing...was there truly a "reason" that it would have waited until now to be developed?  Kind of hard if I wouldn't be able to find anybody to develop it.

Off I went to Target where they too told me they don't do that type of film anymore.  I felt my heart drop, but I did not feel defeated.  There was no doubt in my mind that I would find a way to get that film developed and that it could be easy.

So off I went to Walgreen's and happily they said they could send it out and do it no problem.  I get that film back on Thursday.  I am so excited!!!

Will it be a bunch of blurry pictures?  Will it be of the grand kids?  My mom loved her puppy...will it be of Maddie? Or her backyard with her flower pots that she loved so much?  Whatever they are will be something that was seen through her eyes.

I wonder if  at that point I will have a better idea of what insight (aka learning lesson)  I will get out of this.

Right now it seems like loving and accepting myself no matter what,  and also that trust are just about always the answer for everything!

I'll post them when I get them.

Wishing you all the best in 2014 and a year filled with Inner Alignment

With Heart,

Jill Marie

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Take A Moment To Just Be Present

By Jill Marie

How often do you find yourself so busy with your daily activities that you just don't take a moment to really focus and be fully present with what you are doing?

I have been blessed with an incredible schedule for the past several years.  I work from home most of the time unless I'm seeing clients at the Wellness Center, doing live workshops or training's, and I schedule my clients in a way that works well for me and my family.  I also like a lot of downtime so I can be mindful and centered in what I do.

I coach my clients and teach the importance of having a Daily Alignment Practice (DAP) that works well for them and I also teach the F.I.T.T. Principle for when things don't seem to be working as well as they used to.

I am now in the midst of realizing that it is time for me to re-evaluate my DAP. because what I'm doing now is not working!  I've recently been busier than I have since I was a Nurse Manager many years ago.  In addition to Inner Alignment Mandalas, my private practice, and the Wellness Center, I am working on a huge, exciting project that brings 39 Intuitive Artist's together to create an Oracle Deck!

It has gotten so big it turned into a  Full-Time job!  Luckily I love what I'm doing and what is being created and at the same time I am doing three other jobs, have my home and my family to take care of and my parent's Estate (thankfully my oldest brother is doing most of it...thank you Jay!) ...and I have officially entered the state of overwhelm!

It snuck up gradually...first I stopped doing Yoga, then my eating habits got bad, my house started getting more cluttered, my daily reflection/meditation time shortened...and now I realized I am drinking less and less water and am dehydrated!

Sure I had moments of realization and knew what was happening and I would take time out to re-group a bit, but not consistently.  I fiddled a bit with my DAP but spent more time focusing on how I could get back to my regular DAP and still keep up with my new schedule...I forgot to incorporate the F.I.T.T. Principle which only led to frustration and overwhelm.

Thankfully I work with an amazing team of Guides who came through load and clear...I am no good to myself, my family, or my clients if I don't take the time to Be Present and connect with my True Essence and take care of my physical body.

My priority for today...revamp my DAP and get out in nature and go for a walk.

How is your Daily Alignment Practice going?  Is it to re-evaluate it , or if you don't have one yet,  is it time develop one?

Faith Hill said it best..."Just Breathe", and when you take some time to do it consciously throughout the day, and connect with your Source of life, it is priceless and brings much needed clarity!

Have a great week ;)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Teacher in a Tiny Package

Life is so interesting! Everything that happens has a potential to teach you something about yourself and gives you an opportunity to grow in some way.

If any of you have been following me on Instagram you know I have a new puppy. Her name is Elly and she is quite a little pistol. We've had her for about a month and it hasn't been quite as smooth sailing as I had hoped.

From day one Elly was quite indifferent to me, well, to everyone in our family actually. She had a strong personality and did what she wanted when she wanted. I had lived with my little Schipperke, Bear for almost fifteen years and she was definitely the Alpha Female in our house and I was seeing many of the same traits in Elly. Funny how that happens. I knew there must be some kind of lesson for me.

Things quickly got worse. She started growling at me when I tried to groom her, growling when we took her bone away and acting like Cujo when she met another dog. Here was this cute little puppy acting like a tyrant!

I made a one on one appointment with a trainer and the first thing she said was that Elly had no respect for me because I had no respect for her as a dog. I had to stop treating her like a baby and start treating her like a dog.

This hit home for me and brought up a bunch of emotions I had no idea I was still holding onto. You see, when I was a kid, dogs were everything to me. They were my biggest source of love and companionship and I would do anything for the love of my dog. I NEEDED them to love me and they knew it.

The trainer taught me the exercises I had to do and then told me something that changed everything. She explained that she hated to go to the dentist but when the dentist came in and projected confidence and self assurance, she felt at ease. She said it was the same concept with dogs except that while the dentist could fake it, I could not. The dog could sense what I was feeling so I had to get control of my emotions when dealing its her.

This meant that I had to go in and look at what was driving me to NEED her to love me. I had to heal the part of me that had been hiding since my childhood. I had to talk through situations in my head before I reacted. I had to learn and I had to grow.

I am happy to say that Elly has transformed. She is still "spirited" but she has a sense of calm now. She seems happier now that she knows her place in our family. She still has things to work on but it was almost like magic when all the pieces were put together. And now when she challenges me I can respond in a healthy way. She was definitely a tiny teacher.

As you go through your days, look for your teachers. They come in many shapes and sizes. Often they arise as challenges and many times there is a theme that runs along with them. Take some time to get underneath the surface and see what you can clear out and heal. It's a magical process.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

From Inspired Idea To Physical Form

By Jill Marie

Have you ever paid attention to how something goes from an Inspired Idea and then turns into the physical expression or manifestation of that Idea?

This is fascinating stuff for me and something I have studied for years and am only now really beginning to deeply understand.  Hundreds if not thousands of books have been written about this and workshops are plenty when it comes to this topic.

And while all that is helpful and fascinating, it isn't until you really take the time to witness and observe the dynamics of it in your own life that you can embody the principles and really know it.

This is only my interpretation and there are several variations.  See what makes the most sense to you as you begin to observe this in your own life :)

Let's look at this from the Perspective of a Journey through the Chakras.

Chakra System
Crown Chakra/7th Chakra/Top of Head:  You receive an Inspired Idea.  This is the Realm of "I Know".  You get this idea and you are filled with excitement and a knowing that you have a great idea!  You are usually full of energy at this point...thought is a very high vibration.

If this Chakra is open and balanced you will move to the next stage of the process.  If it is blocked or out of balance you will get trapped in over-thinking and over-analyzing it or just feel too confused on how to move forward.  Eventually it will leave your awareness or stay as a "Could have been idea".

Third Eye Chakra/6th Chakra/Middle of Forehead Between Brow Area:  This is the realm of "I See." Now you can "see" what the idea looks like with your mind's eye/your imagination.  You see what it looks like and perhaps what the benefits will be to yourself or others.  You see your idea out in the world.  You can visualize it (in whatever way is natural to you.)

If this Chakra is blocked or unbalanced you can't really see your idea coming into form and you don't see how it could work.  Excessive skepticism can kick in here and your idea is lost.

 If it is balanced, your intuition is strong and you stay in the creative energy.  This also feels really good and exciting.

Throat Chakra/5th Chakra/Throat Area:  This is the Chakra of communication and "I speak".  This is where you begin giving language to your idea.  You might begin writing down you thoughts and visions in a journal in some form of organized manner.  You begin to speak to others about it.  This can be really exciting too and also where nerves start to kick in.  The energy is getting denser so it feels good but not as good perhaps.

If this Chakra is blocked or unbalanced you may find it difficult to put your idea/vision into words.  Or you are afraid to talk about it with anybody.  Either way chances are that it won't go further than this.  Especially if it is an idea that would need to include others to bring it to fruition.

Heart Chakra/4th Chakra/Heart area:  This Chakra is related to "I love and am loved".  You love your idea, the vision of it, and communicating about it.  You feel very connected to it and it feels good. Not only does it feel good to you personally but there will be an element to it that will also serve Humanity or the Whole in some way.  Here is also where you begin building a support system of people that can help you both with the project itself but also as emotional support if you start to feel overwhelmed.

If this Chakra is blocked you won't feel connected to it.  Almost like you will fall out of love with the idea.  You might become withdrawn from the idea or over critical of it.  All kinds of stuff could come up and get triggered in this Chakra that end up taking your attention away from the original idea itself.  Co-dependency issues could come up here that prevent you from moving forward.  You might not feel supported and just give up.

Solar Plexus/3rd Chakra/Below Rib Cage above Navel:  This is the Chakra of "I Can" or "To Act".  This is where your self-esteem and confidence come into play.  The energy is much denser now and your idea can begin to feel like a drain instead of energizing.  This is where many ideas begin to lose their power and are let go of.  You don't think you have what it takes.  Your idea isn't good enough.  Others can do it,  but you feel you can't.  Fear basically steps in big time and you are immobilized to move forward with the steps that need to be taken.  Your energy may be too scattered to pull it together to move to the next Chakra and you quit.  Lack of discipline will be a big issue here especially if that is a pattern you run.

Or you still feel empowered.  You CAN do this... and you Will do this!  At which point you move on...

Sacral Chakra/2nd Chakra/Located Two fingers below your navel:  This is the realm of "I want"  You are getting closer to your idea, your vision, coming into form.  More fear can kick up here.  Especially concern of "How much is this going to cost me?"  When it comes to investing in an idea whether it is in purchasing something, or creating something or investing in mentoring or training...the fear of cost can be paralyzing.  This is also a common place where ideas are aborted.

If you are creating a new program, product or package of services you start to wonder if anybody will want it or if they will pay for it.  You might become overly sensitive to any problems that come up and want to give up.  Fear of change may arise..."If I do create this then what?"  "Will I be too busy for my family if I get too successful or Will this manifestation take up too much of my time and will I lose my freedom?"  You can get too serious at this stage and lose the joy that you had initially.

If you have been working too hard and have lost the fun and pleasure of your idea then you might get burnt out and not want to continue.  As the energies get denser as you move down the Chakra system you need to lighten up and be sure to keep enjoying the creation process.  If you get burnt out you will quit at this stage.

If you kept going you will finally ,make it to the Root Chakra/1st Chakra/Base of Spine:  This is the Chakra of "I Have, "To Be Here."  This is the densest energy of the manifestation process.  To some this represents the actual physical form of the idea, but before you do have the manifestation, chances are there are many little loose ends that need to be completed.

If this Chakra is blocked it may interfere with the complete manifestation.  You need to complete each step along the journey of creation in a timely fashion or you may give up and begin missing opportunities. While it is true that when one door closes another door opens...if you procrastinate continually your idea will most likely not come into form.

If you don't give will have the physical manifestation of your Idea!  Congratulations.  If you did give up and your idea seems to have faded away...start checking in to see at what point you got most hung up.

Do you see a pattern?  This can be a good indication of why are aren't living closer to the life of your Dreams.

Dare I say to keep ANOTHER type of journal???  Okay I'll say might want to start a Creation Journal and keep notes about the Journey of your Inspired Ideas!

If you find yourself getting stuck in certain areas this gives you a good heads up on where some Inner Reflection is needed or some clarity and clearing of blocks may be helpful.

To aid you on your journey, Michelle and I created a 30 Day Intensive Healing/Coaching program to assist you.  More information to come on our website at  

Here is what some of our recent clients had to say:

"It was such a gift and blessing to work with both Michelle and Jill.  The benefits I received were immeasurable.  With their insight, wisdom and encouragement I was able to clear negative patterns that had been hindering me and I now have tools I can use to move forward and sustain this positive progression.  I learned so much about myself and I look forward to working with Michelle and Jill again.  They have opened a whole new world to me.  Their coaching, compassion and intuitiveness significantly affected my life.  I cannot thank them enough for their support and inspiration. "
~ Helen C.

Jill Marie & Michelle have a unique and authentic approach for inner alignment.  They helped me see some of the recurring issues that have been clouding my clarity and purpose, and keeping me stuck.  I was having a 2 steps forward, 3 steps back type of experience for a while. Their multiple approaches and talents helped me look at issues form several different perspectives. I experienced several paradigm shifts; one profound shift was with my family of origin and the messages and inherited pain I was carrying.  I also came to see the universe as wanting to assist me, instead of blocking my efforts. 
They compassionately challenged me to look at several aspects of myself, while encouraging and facilitating growth and healing.   I was introduced to many new ideas, which they backed up with valuable resources to help along the journey.   I was impressed with the breadth and depth of what they have to offer.  Each time we spoke, I felt as though I was in loving hands.  I have been richly blessed by this experience.
 ~ Sue K.
"I recently worked with Jill and Michelle together within the Inner Alignment Mastery program. I knew that from my previous experience with them when they had created my Inner Alignment Mandela that I was in good hands!
They had a very loving and gentle way of helping me gain clarity and perspective within my life. They helped me to move past blockages that I knew existed but didn't know how to move past. They both brought a very unique set of skills to allow expansion both consciously and subconsciously. In working with them my life has been enriched and I feel grateful for the time I spent with each of them!"

Quick note to Jill...since our last session the hip pain that I had been experiencing is completely gone!

~ Jackie D

Do you have any great insight on how you bring your Inspired Ideas into form?  Please Share :)

With Heart,

Jill Marie

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Flux Happens! Now What?

By Jill Marie

Holy smokes has this been an intense several weeks for me!  How is it going for you?

You may be experiencing feelings of overwhelm and disconnection in your life right now.  Little things that seemed insignificant or manageable now seem bigger and you may be feeling depleted, irritable, scattered and foggy minded.

What has worked in the past to help you feel centered, peaceful and calm isn't working as good or not at all and the frustration can be overwhelming.  Know that you aren't alone and this is a Cosmic Cycle.  The good news is this Chaos is leading you into your Mastery and you are releasing old energies, ideas, beliefs and patterns to make room for more of your True Nature to integrate into your Physical body. This flux represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one.

And while that's all good the question remains "What, if anything, can I be doing to ease the chaos and discomfort?"

You probably already know what I'm going to suggest right?  Surrender To What Is.  Yup that's right...this is a wave that you need to ride out and let it run its course.

To make the ride more tolerable and get the most out of it though there are a few things that you can implement if you chose too.

If your 2nd and 3rd Chakras are blocked right now it will make this time even more challenging, so you may want to consider giving them some extra love and attention right now.

3rd Chakra

Your 3rd Chakra carries the energy of I Can and represents Power, Vitality, Will Power, Self-Esteem and Confidence. It's color is Yellow.  Ways to open and harmonize this chakra are: Yoga, Dance, Movement and Breath work to name a few.

2nd Chakra

Your 2nd Chakra carries the energy of I want and relates to Emotions, Desires, Creativity, and Sexuality.  Its color is Orange.  Moving your hips and lower abdomen will help keep this chakra balanced.  Also engaging your creativity in a fun and enjoyable way such as journaling, paining, gardening, etc.  is very beneficial.

And while doing that will help,  you are still being called to face your worst fears and look into the dark shadows of your life.  You will benefit greatly when you learn to confront what you've avoided and instead walk courageously through it.

Take a look at what each Chakra represents and see what may be out of balance in your life and causing you some dis-ease.  How is your Self-Esteem and Confidence?  Is there anything there that is surfacing now that needs to be looked at?  Where do you feel like "I can't" instead of "I can"?

How about what you want?  Are you clear about what you want in your life?  Our job is to know what we want and it is the Universe's job to provide the how, then the ball gets passed back to us as we take the inspired action steps we receive.  This is how we ebb and flow in the co-creative process of life.

Know that there is Light at the end of the tunnel and as stated in the beginning of this are making way for more of your True Essence to come into your physical body.  You are birthing a new you.  It might not always be comfortable, but what emerges is well worth the discomfort.

To help you integrate this Light and open your Chakra system I will be facilitating a group Anchoring The Light energy session on August 31, 2013 at 12 Noon Central Daylight Savings Time.

All you need to do is say Yes and intend to receive these energy frequencies in a way that is most beneficial to you at this time.  If you would like you can leave a comment below so I can write your name down or like the FB post I will be sending out so I can add your name.  Even if you chose not to include your name here...just give your Intention to the Universe and you will be sure to receive these wonderful frequencies.

This is my gift to you and to all of humanity because as each individual awakens, activates, integrates and amplifies their Light Body it benefits everyone ;)  Thank you for being part of the Inner Alignment Community ;)

What ways do you find beneficial to confront your fears and do your  Shadow work?  I invite you to share so others can benefit from your wisdom.

With Heart,

Jill Marie

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How To Claim Disowned Aspects of the Self

By Jill Marie

You may be familiar with the concept of "You Spot It You Got It."  This can be challenging Shadow work to accept and it isn't for the faint of heart!  Yet if you really want to embody your Authentic Self you have to move into a state of Wholeness and that includes all of you.  We are both Light and Dark in this physical world and you know what?  That's totally okay!  It is part of the human journey.  The question becomes ~ Can we love all aspects of ourselves without judgement?

 Now that doesn't mean we can go around being jerks and intentionally hurting other people, but it does mean that if we do something or say something that isn't perhaps the kindest or most life affirming then we can look at it, learn from it and move on.

Becoming the observer in your life can be eye opening and beneficial and help you move into deeper alignment with your True Essence.  From the vantage point of the observer you can engage in life and at the same time have awareness of what is serving you and what isn't.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to pay attention to how you interact with others or to what you are feeling when you are in a group setting.  Who's company do you enjoy?  Who irritates you?  What mannerisms do you find life enhancing and which ones totally turn you off?

Recently I was volunteering at an event and I was a bit nervous about it.  I run the pattern of being a bit shy so it is always a good challenge for me to step outside my comfort zone in the name of growth.  I was working with several other women and didn't know any of them.  It's probably important to add here that it was a metaphysical event and there were many healers and artists present. I love seeing the way people of like mind combine their gifts and talents and share their work with the world.

 It still amazes me though how rude and self-centered some people can be (at that point in my judgement I had forgotten "if you spot it you got it!)  I was acutely aware of this particularly with one woman who was super irritating me.  She was abrasive and pushy and a know it all.  In order to not get stomped on I got a tad bitchy with her just to not get swallowed up by her overbearing personality. While I wasn't necessarily proud of myself for getting bitchy I was glad that I had stood up for myself and held my ground.  Imagine my surprise when my Guides suggested I step back and become the observer. I was clearly told that I am witnessing different aspects of myself.  Kind of like I was at my own personal play seeing my different aspects ~ all ones that I don't own on a regular basis or have disowned.  It wasn't just the negative aspects either, but the positive ones as well.

Some of the women were quite and had a gentle energy that was pleasant to be around, some were nice but reserved and seemed a bit standoffish, some were only concerned with what they were doing and paid no attention to anybody else and came across as rude, one was passionate about what she did but was a bit all over the place and hard to follow, and then there was the really abrasive one. One lady was so funny she totally cracked me up and I loved being around her, and a few were very caring and nurturing ready to show me the ropes.

 I was invited to see how I was like all of them in different,  yet similar ways.  Either I was like that now or have been in the past.

It was very revealing for me and I was guided to really explore this.  When I got home I pulled out several pieces of paper and I labeled each one to represent the unique personality I had come across.  I wrote down the positive qualities and the ones I didn't care for.  Then I asked myself how am I like that in my own life?  Does it serve me? How do I think it comes across to others?  Is that okay with me?  Is that how I want to show up?  To be perceived?  And while I'm not out to please other people at my own expense, I am directly interested in how I myself show up and feel.  I like being kind, helpful, enjoyable to be around, and of service. When I do come across  aspects I don't care for do I push them away, repress them and try to hide that part of me?

I got some great insight and was able to sit and dialogue with each aspect that I was able to connect with.  I was able to talk to the abrasive part of me and find out why and when I felt like I needed to be that way.  What purpose did it serve?  Could I move through it differently?

I have more to look at in this regard.  I'm seeing some deeper levels of healing that I'm ready for.  Areas where I am too left brained when more right brain would be beneficial and other areas where being more left brained would be better.

If you are feeling brave and there is a person or event that has been upsetting you or difficult in any way, or if you are feeling under confident but there are people around you that you admire.that radiate confidence, see how they are mirroring aspects of you.

And remember to love and accept yourself each step of the way!

Did this post speak to you?  Do you disagree with the You Spot It You Got It point of view?  Let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts about this controversial topic :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How the Love of Another Means Nothing Without the Love of Yourself

By Michelle:

I am a big proponent of self love, self care and finding your own inner peace inside of you. I know that we are the only ones who can make us happy.

One example of this theory revolves around my husband Ed. I met him 19 years ago. I was divorced and had two young sons despite only being 25 myself. He was unlike any of the guys I had dated before. He was polite, clean cut, quiet, thoughtful, and so caring. He was so cute with my kids and loved that I was a mom.

It didn't take long before I knew that he was the perfect person for me and that I was going to marry him and make a life with him.

Everything I thought about him in the beginning was true and yet he was even better than I imagined. He is the most loving man I have ever met. He is quick with a compliment and dotes on me every day. He calls me twice a day during the week amd his eyes light up when he sees me after a long day of work. He supports me, loves me unconditionally and will do anything to make sure I'm happy. He is truly a dream come true!

And yet, there was a time when I couldn't let that in. I was unable to appreciate him and to some degree I didn't feel worthy of his attention. I was shut off to his love to some degree.

Now don't get me wrong. We had a nice life. We had 3 more beautiful boys, we lived in a great house, had great friends and on the surface everything was great.

But underneath, I wasn't as happy as I could be. Here I had everything I could ever want...and I do mean everything...and yet I wasn't happy. I had this great guy who loved me and these amazing children who loved me and I couldn't really feel it. What was missing?

Looking back now I realize that the missing link was my inability to love myself. Once I had my healing crisis and started on my path of healing and growth, things began to shift and my heart began to open more and more.

I started practicing gratitude and I was able to see my husband with new eyes. I began opening up to him and sharing parts of me I thought were so ugly no one could love. I allowed myself to be vulnerable.

And in the process of learning to love myself, our love grew stronger and stronger and I have to tell you that right now, I can't imagine our relationship being any better. I feel like a princess living a dream life with my Prince Charming. And I know that none of this would be possible if I didn't learn to heal myself, take care of myself, and love myself.

Today is my husband's birthday and we will be celebrating it together as a family and showering him with the love he is oh so worthy of.

I want to invite you to open your heart and let the love flow in honor of the greatest man I know. Let's make today a love fest in honor of my wonderful husband. Share the love with someone close to your heart today and especially send some love your own way!