Wednesday, September 12, 2012

4 Essentials To a Daily Alignment Practice

By: Jill
Jill's Altar
Having a Daily Alignment Practice is essential for living a balanced life. When we are in alignment with our Authentic Self life just flows better and Intuition is at an all time high.
Because we live in a third dimensional world that isn't all sunshine and roses we need a clear open channel with our Divine Guidance. Then we can navigate the terrain and go through the day with as much clarity, focus, ease and grace as we are able to allow into our lives.
That is exactly what a Daily Practice allows us to do.
I'll be honest and share that I am a bit of a rebel in this regard. I kind of fought having a daily practice because I didn't want to HAVE to do something...I want to WANT to do something.
I still have to deal with this aspect of myself from time to time as it will tell me that I am beyond the need for a daily practice and I can stay in alignment just by "Being". If this works for you...GREAT :) For me, not so much!
I totally get that for some of us it will take some effort to get in the habit of having a Daily Practice.
Keep in mind though that just as we wouldn't brush our teeth once and figure we are done for life, or shower only once a month and be done with it, it is the same for keeping our body, mind and spirit clear and balanced, and for most of us that requires a daily practice.
Personally ~ when I fall away from doing my Daily Practice it isn't long before a fog sets in and I get crabby, forgetful, easily distracted and disconnected from my Intuitive Self. The Divine Guidance that I have gotten so used seems to fad away.
That is why it is essential for me have a practice in my day and I encourage everybody that feels the Call within to start one ASAP :)
Whether you are just developing your own Daily Alignment Practice, getting back to one you already had in place, or looking to tweak your current one keep these elements in mind as you want to tap into these key areas:
1. Body ~ movement is important as well as proper rest and nutrition. For those of you that aren't too keen on exercising, up until now, start slowly and build up. Simply going for a walk or dancing to some fun music for 5 minutes is better than doing nothing!
Nutrition plan need some improvement? How about adding one "healthy" thing to your meal plan and drinking one extra glass of water a day?
2. Mind ~ Reading as little as one inspirational or motivational paragraph a day feeds the Mind. Have some time in your car driving to work or doing errands? Listening to some educational or inspirational audios keeps the mind focused and expanding.
3. Spirit ~ Unplugging from the external world and plugging into your Authentic Nature is like recharging your batteries. It is essential to fill yourself up with your Life Force energy to go throughout your day. As little as 5 minutes a day is life changing! Even 90 seconds in the morning, afternoon and evening does wonders and remember, Consistency is key.
4. Shadow work ~ At least weekly do a check in with yourself. How did the week go? Were you present and on task or were you hurried and irritable? Anything come up that weighs heavy on your mind? Awareness builds consciousness and once you are aware of something you can make changes if needed. There are so many tools available to help you move through the areas of your life that are no longer working for you.
Do you have a Daily Alignment Practice that you love? We would love to hear what that looks like for you!
If you don't have one yet and feel that it is important to begin one ~ what is one thing you can start to incorporate into your daily life today?
Make it fun and enjoyable and please leave a comment below and let us know what is going on for you!


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