Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"Know Thyself" Really Is A Key To Inspired Living

Have you ever caught yourself wondering why you do the things you do or why certain things work for others and not you?

There are so many depths to the Ancient Greek aphorism Know Thyself.  At the most basic level   knowing yourself, as the unique individual expression that you are,  is a key to inspired living.

This came up for me this month when I was talking to my good friend Linda Bolton.  We have so much in common it is amazing ;)  Linda is my go to person when I am looking for inspiring, deeply profound and life-enriching conversation...and to vent and process if I'm going through some "stuff".

The topic of taking action and "Just Do It" came up.  That energy doesn't always work for me and I never understood why.  In fact it has caused me great angst at different times in my life.  Thankfully the answer came when I began to take a closer look at my energy patterns and I discovered I carry a 'wait to respond' type of energy.

 Remember that we are all created equal and we are also created with these unique energy patterns that contribute to the way we experience our life and process our information.

It is important to know that we co-create our life experiences within this framework of our energetic patterns and we can get to know those patterns by exploring and studying systems that are already developed.

Some of the ones I have personally worked with are:
 These are not affiliate links.  I am sharing information that I have enjoyed and benefited from and thought you would find helpful on your journey.

We are told often not to compare and despair and judge ourselves or others, and when you look at it from an energetic viewpoint it is very clear as to why that doesn't work and only causes pain and confusion.

You can see this clearly when you look at me and my sister.  We are five years apart, we are both Aries, have the same Life Path numbers, have the same parents, grew up in the same house, and while we have some similarities we are so very different. Of course we are both awesome :), but the way we move through life is so very different. 

I could have spent many years wondering why I wasn't more like her and trying to "fix" myself to be more organized and what not, but thankfully I was more in-tune with my intuition so I didn't go there ~ well at least not for long anyway! 

Through studying both of our energetic patterns it became very clear as to just how unique we are in our self-expression and it is just perfect for each of us.

Over the years I have learned to embrace my energy patterns and utilize them in a way that works well for me.  I can focus on my strengths and when needed I can seek the support of others in my areas of weakness.  I no longer look at that as something that needs to be fixed or that I need to do things the way somebody else does them.

That doesn't mean that I give myself excuses for staying stuck ,or that I won't invest my time and energy on improving areas of my life. or learning new things...instead it  brings out even more creativity as to how I am going to move forward towards my goals and dreams.

Yes, Knowing Thyself is definitely worth exploring and a journey I recommend to everyone that has a strong desire to connect on a deeper level of being.

What systems have you explored that you find beneficial in your life? We would love to hear about them!

With Heart,

Jill Marie


  1. It's a journey and the path each of us takes is best for us not always others. I love having friends that help me be the best me!

  2. Morning Krista! Ha I was just reading your October post probably around the same time you were reading this. Very inspiring story you have :) Thanks for stopping by and sharing.