Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tired Of The Same Old Gratitude List?

I love having a Gratitude Journal and it is a key element to my Daily Alignment Practice, but I confess and sometimes it feels more like a chore.  I just do it to get it done and don't enter into the feeling tone of Gratitude, which really defeats much of the purpose.

Lately I have been working with ways to make it more fun and right now this is my favorite :)

10 Super Simple and/or Silly Things I LOVE About My Life.

  I Love that my kids love listening to Johnny Cash songs and sign them out loud when we are in the car.

 I Love when I am sitting in meditation and I can feel the strong connection with the Universe and  Bella, Luna, my cat, will suddenly begin purring, even though she was sleeping peacefully next to me the whole time.

  I Love when I go to sleep at night and Bella Luna curls up next to me in the crook of my arm.

I Love watching Bella Luna soaking up the Rays.

Bella Luna enjoying the Sun

I Love when my husband calls me Deuce, a nickname my niece gave me 20 plus years ago when she was 2.

I Love when I overhear my son telling his friends, "My mom is into all this weird stuff but you know it really works!"

I Love living by my own schedule doing what I love to do.

I Love that I'm 45 and still feel like I'm in my late 20's but with the wisdom that comes with age and life experiences.

I Love A New Day Art Studio and the journals that Deanna Jinjoe makes.

A New Day Art Studio Handmade Journals by Deanna Jenjoe

I Love being able to connect with like minded people all over the world!

I Love having a business partner and friend that is an Intuitive Artist.

My Birthday Gift from Michelle Geoffroy :)

I Love that my 17 year old daughter will still ask me if I need a Power Hug*

I Love the Power of Love and an Open Heart :)

I Love all of you!  Sounds sappy but true!  I am so thankful for the Light you add to this world

Oh I guess that is 13 things!  I was having so much fun I don't want to stop!

 *I made up Power Hugs when the kids were little because I had Fibromyalgia and some days it was almost impossible to get out of bed.  I told them that their Power Hugs would fill me with so much love, and that it helped me have more energy.  Those Power Hugs worked like magic!

 It was a combination of the pain and exhaustion, plus the love of my family that led me on my Quest to feel better and heal my energetic imbalances.  It was so life changing that I went on to study the energy system and become an Energy Healer myself so I could help as many people as possible to live an empowered life.

Hope you have a wonderful day filled with Love and Gratitude and maybe even some Power Hugs ;)

With Heart,

Jill Marie

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Birth of Emerge

By: Michelle

I was talking to a friend the other day and explaining the origins of the Emerge class and it occurred to me that you might enjoy hearing about it too.

Jill & I were wanting to offer something to all of you lovely people in our community. We weren't exactly sure what it was going to be so I decided to go into the Akashic Records and ask for guidance.

It always amazes me how powerful and beautiful the messages are for me in the records and this day was no different. The idea for Emerge flowed through me in the most amazing way.

The meditation was so powerful and I could feel the energy surging through me. When it was complete I was completely energized, excited and inspired to share this with all of you so you could experience it too.

The process of creating the mandalas was so fun and I was deep in the creative flow, just playing around with art supplies like I did when I was a kid. The whole process was just... FUN!

Jill was creating a mandala too and when we met to discuss the experience we were so thrilled at the amazing and deep insight we received from our mandalas and we knew even more strongly that we had to share it.

Jill is such an expert in the energetic world and that expertise helped to anchor that energy and keep it flowing and I just knew something so cool was happening.

It's times like these that I am so grateful for learning how to partner with the Universe to allow such amazing gifts to flow through me. And I am so grateful for Jill's talents, wisdom, and her incredibly strong connection to Spirit to create something completely awesome.

Emerge is starting on Monday, April 22nd. I would love to invite you to join us on this journey because I truly believe it is an amazing process!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Forgiveness Work Amplified

By Jill Marie

                                                        Forgiveness Mandala Crystal Grid

For the past few weeks I have been dealing with the need to enter into a new level of Forgiveness in my life.  It is something I thought I had come much further along with and I am a bit shocked that so much anger, resentment and bitterness is still within me.

I knew I needed extra help processing these emotions so earlier this week I made a Forgiveness Mandala Crystal Grid using the I AM The Violet Flame Mandala for the base, and the Crystals:  Celestite, Apache Tear, Amethyst, Rose Quartz,  Amber, Hematite, Blue Lace Agate, Kunzite,  Rhodochrosite, and Chrysocolla to help me.  I use the Forgiveness Prayer by Colin Tipping to enter a deep level of Forgiveness and the Grid amplifies that  frequency, plus adds the individual frequencies of the Gemstones themselves to support me.  Add to that the Violet Flame Mandala and you have one INCREDIBLE healing vibrational alignment tool!

I sit in that energy for about 15 minutes and it feels so good, peaceful and centering for me.  If I'm having a particularly "bad" day I will sit on and off for 5 to 10 minutes throughout the day as needed.  Today I had the opportunity to speak with a Spiritual Counselor to help me process this difficult time and between the two I feel so much better and at ease.

If you have any Forgiveness work to do to help you heal and move forward in your life I highly recommend making a Mandala Crystal Grid to help you make a shift.  

Here is the Prayer I use from Collin Tipping:

“If there is anyone or anything that has hurt me in the past, knowingly or unknowingly, I
forgive and release it. If I have hurt anyone or anything in the past, knowingly or
unknowingly I forgive and release it. I ask for the highest good for everyone and for myself,
and I forgive myself.”

Wishing you all much love, health and happiness along your journey.  If you have any helpful hints for others on how you work through your Forgiveness issues please share so we can add it to our Toolboxes.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Introducing Emerge

Happiness doesn't just happen; it Emerges.

Are you feeling called to a deeper purpose in your life?

Do you feel that your soul has a message for you but you aren't sure what it is?

If you do have some ideas are you unsure of the best steps you need to take?

The answers are within you waiting to Emerge.

Come join us for our virtual Emerge Workshop where you will be immersed in the energy of renewal and rebirth and create your very own Soul Mandala!

The Emerge Workshop is designed specifically for you to get in touch with your dreams, experience the power of inner growth and discover the secrets of your soul, to deepen you connection with your intuition and create your Soul's Mandala. A powerful shift in energy is waiting for you.

You will:
  • Get your creative energy flowing by starting with a guided meditation carrying the energy of spring emergence.
  • Set your intention for what you are ready to do, be, have, give, create or experience at this point in your life.
  • Create your Soul's Mandala
  • Connect with your deepest self.
  • Receive insight from your soul.
  • Reveal action steps that are in alignment with your Intention
  • Activate the energy of renewal and rebirth in your daily life
  • Learn how to continue working with the insight and energy you revealed
  • All while being a part of a community of like minded peers who are Emerging along with you!

This is your time! Are you ready to Emerge? 
  • Emerge launches on April 22, 2013 (Earth Day!)
  • The material will be presented on a secure blog over 7 days. You can work at your own pace and will have unlimited access to the blog and materials.
  • You will have access to a private Facebook group to interact with other participants of the class as well as Jill Marie and Michelle.
  • There are 7 posts with videos, a guided meditation, and step by step instructions to guide you through the process.
  • You will also receive a PDF of our Spring Emergence Mandala along with the readings by Jill Marie and Michelle ($17 value)
  • The supplies are simple and inexpensive
  • Computer skills needed are basic. Simply login and browse the website.
Sign up today!

Cost $37     
*Registration Full*
 *After purchasing you will receive email confirmation with login details within 72 hours.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

You Can't Always Eat Life's Veggies!

By Michelle:

I remember when I was a new mom and learning how to care for my babies. There was so much to learn, so much to do and be aware of. I remember learning about how to feed toddlers and how they can be finicky. One day they love something and the next, they hate it. The important thing I learned was that as long as they were getting a balanced diet over the long haul, they were OK.

It was a hard concept to embrace because as a mom you want the best for them and you think that veggies at every meal is the most important thing you can do for their diet and yet the reality is that it just isn’t always possible. Looking out over the month or 6 months to see that maybe they didn’t eat what you wanted that week but they made up for it the following week was a very important lesson for me.
I think this way of thinking actually applies to all areas of our lives when it comes to trying to find balance. We seem to want to strive for this idyllic life that is perfectly balanced each and every day. We want to exercise the perfect amount, eat the perfect amount, take time for self-care, nurture our children, our houses are perfectly clean, we nurture our friendships, volunteer, and…the list goes on and on.

The reality however is that sometimes we just can’t eat our veggies! Everyday isn’t going to be perfect. Some days we may be lacking in self-care or our house is a mess and we haven’t talked to our friends in weeks because we are too busy.

Sometimes we have deadlines or commitments that we have to honor and other things have to be put aside for the time being and guess what, it’s OK. Our lives are like the earth’s seasons and each season has its own energy and is designed for a specific thing. We aren’t meant to plant vegetables in the winter and we can’t always accomplish the things we “think” we “have” to.

This is where I think it is so important to have a strong foundation for what your priorities in life are. What is most important to you? What are your intentions for your life, your family, your work, your social life? Once you know what you can and can’t live without, you are able to make choices based on what is best for you in the moment.

I think the best way to do this is by learning to turn inward. I know we talk a lot about this here at Inner Alignment Mandalas and I think it is crucial. Time and time again when I am working with people and I see that they begin to incorporate this idea into their lives; things magically begin to happen for them.

It is through establishing a relationship with yourself that you will be able to live your life aligned with your highest calling and sometimes that might mean sprawling out on the couch and watching a movie. It might mean staying up late to work on something because you are so inspired and it might mean turning off your phone and having a quiet night at home with your family. It might mean all of those things…over a period of time…spread out to where you might not even realize that you are living a life of complete balance for YOU.

Personally, I’m hitting my busiest time of the year and in the past I let myself get completely stressed out about how I was going to handle it and get everything that needs to get done. But now I don’t feel that same stress. I know what my priorities are and during this time of the year they are different then they are in the fall or the winter. That’s my life and while I have been known to complain about it, I wouldn’t change it so now I am embracing it.
This is such a powerful practice, one I would like to invite you to bring into your life. Spend some time going inward to get clear on your priorities and your intentions for your life. I have been using my I AM Love Mandala to help me get centered and tune into the energy of self-love. This has helped me be gentle with myself and forgiving when my days don’t unfold the way my thinking mind would like. If you haven’t downloaded the I AM Love Mandala, I would like to encourage you to do so and use it daily. It can be just 1 minute of focused attention that can change everything. I also took a picture of it and put it on my phone so I can look at it when I’m sitting out in the 30 degree weather watching a baseball game. Woo hoo! I love spring!