Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

We want to wish you a wonderful New Year's Eve. Enjoy the last night of 2012 and welcome in 2013! It's going to be a good year!

We want to thank each and every one of you for your support and friendship over the year. It has been our honor to bring Inner Alignment Mandalas to you and to get to know you. Thank you for being a part of our deepest passion!

Remember that our Winter Harmony season starts tomorrow so be sure to come back and see what's new.

With Love,
Jill Marie & Michelle

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What is Your New Year's Tradition?

By Michelle:
Our new "I AM Mother" mandala.
We are less than a week away from New Year’s Eve. It’s a big day for a lot of people. I host a big party with all of my friends and their kids every year. It’s a fun way to bring in the New Year.
While I do enjoy my outward, extroverted fun on New Year’s, I also spend some time every year going inward. I told you last time about my Word of the Year tradition and now today I want to tell you about another tradition I partake in.

When I was attending Integrative Nutrition, Joshua, the head of the school, asked us to write a letter to ourselves at the beginning of our classes. We were to write out our goals for our time in the school, what we hoped to accomplish, who we wanted to become, and what we wanted to release.

On our last weekend of the class we were asked to read them and see how much of it fit our current reality. It was amazing to me, much like the Word of the Year practice, that there were so many things that had evolved over that year. It almost felt like magic.

Years later I still like to do this exercise only now I like to do it as a New Year’s tradition. I start out by looking over my letter from last year. I reflect on what has happened that I hoped for, what didn’t happen, what could have used some improvement and what was a total surprise.
Then I sit down and write a new letter to myself filled with love, inspiration, dreams, goals, and plenty of whimsy. I get in touch with how I want to feel at the end of that next year and who I want to be. When I finish, I fold it up, decorate it with some cute little hearts and tuck it away for another year.

It’s a lovely tradition that is just for me and I would like to share it with you. Feel free to borrow it and let me know how it goes for you.
Do you have any New Year’s traditions you would like to share with us?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Channel of Light

By:  Jill Marie

Whether you are an Emerging or Seasoned Lightworker, Wayshower, or Earthkeeper you are most likely feeling the call within to step more fully into your purpose.  This can look a million different ways and there is surely no need to quit your day job, unless that is what you are being called to do :)

If you have been working consciously as a Lightworker for a while now you are already familiar with this information so you might want to  skip this post;  however, I encourage you to keep reading as you may have some valuable information to share with those that are beginning to emerge as the next wave of Lightworkers  wake up more fully to their role.  If you do have valuable information to share we  invite you to leave a comment below with your suggestions and insight for others.

In Truth each and every one of us is a  Lightworker.  The question becomes more of what is your role to play, what are you willing to do, and what guidance are you being given?  You will either be feeling the collective disharmony and fear that is circulating the world or perhaps you can feel the evolutionary impulse of a new beginning with much excitement and anticipation in the air, or most likely a combination of the two.

Just by being aware and present and keeping yourself in a higher vibration you are helping to ground more Light into this world. ~ You are a Channel of Light for Humanity ~ that is the message that the Universe wants you to embrace and embody.  You don't need to be perfect, your whole life doesn't need to be in order and you don't have to have mastered the Universal Laws to do great things in this world and be of tremendous benefit to the whole.

Inner Alignment is the key to connect with your Inner Wisdom and that is what will guide you along your way.  For many this has been a difficult year mixed in with some great joy.  Know in your heart that you are not alone and you are fully supported in ways that you might not be able to imagine.

Open your Heart and tune into your True Essence as you step into your work as a consciousLightworker.  Trust and know that you are being guided each step along the way.  If you don't already have a meditation practice but have been planning on starting is the time.  Look at it as tuning into the very Source that will provide the much desired direction you are seeking.

There are many tools to aid you along the way such as meditation, prayer, energy work, crystals and gemstones, sound vibrations from harmonic tuners, toning and vibrational alignment music, Inner Alignment Mandalas, and so much more.

As an example, one of the ways I am currently being called to Channel more Light into the world is to combine a mandala with gemstones and do Quantum Level Frequency sessions.  I set up a mandala  for each individual event, person, or group that I am guided to and use the gifts of the mandala, gemstones and energy work to anchor higher dimensional frequencies and amplify them in a way that is for the highest and greatest good for all.  This may seem simple and it is also very, very powerful and effective.

     Healing Nurturing Energy Grid for CT

This is just one of the ways Lightworkers all over the world Channel their healing Light for the benefit of Humanity.

  What way are you being called?

Earlier this week I saw this video posted on FB and I knew it was essential to include here for you to view.

Seeing you as the Light that you are ~ Namaste

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What is the Word?

By: Michelle

For several years I’ve been partaking in the Word of the Year Tradition. For those of you who don’t know, it pretty much takes the place of New Year’s Resolutions. Instead of choosing a bunch of things you swear you are going to do in the next year only to put them aside within the first month or more likely the first week of the year, you choose one word to be the theme for your upcoming year.

Last year my word was “responsibility.” I had chosen the word because I had a theme throughout my life and my family’s life where I was either taking on too much responsibility or not enough. It was an unusual choice but it fit for me.

The really cool thing about this practice is how you start out the year really paying attention to your chosen word and how to make changes and just like resolutions go, the energy seems to fade away shortly after. BUT…it’s not really the case. Your intention for the word seems to act like a spice in the soup of your life and you find it flavoring everything you do without even realizing it.
Looking back over the last year I can see all the places where I have stepped up and become a much more responsible person. I now enjoy making lists and completing the items so I can cross them off. I hit my deadlines, I’m more focused, and my energy just feels more responsible all around.

I’ve also notice the places where I have been able to step back a little and allow my children to step up and take some responsibilities around the house. It has made a world of difference.

When I originally wrote this blog post I had chosen a word of the year for 2013 and then my dearest friend Carrie put out a Word of the Year Companion Guide and it was so amazing that I changed my word of the year! I cannot tell you how helpful it was to go through her guide and get clear on my chosen word. It was like laser pointed clarity and I am so grateful to have the guidance. I wholeheartedly recommend this guide and I want to let you know that this is not an affiliate link, I just believe in her take on the process.

So my new word that I created is so much richer and so much more appropriate for 2013. The word is Soar. It encompasses all of what I am looking to accomplish in the coming year in all areas of my life. I thought about several other words and then I realized that Soar incorporates all of them and so much more!

I think it is so funny that about this time last year I made the intuitive painting above and the idea of the word Soar was born and now almost a year later I am embracing the word to guide me into the next year. It's amazing how these things can go full circle.

I had originally listed several ideas on how to come up with a word of the year for yourself and I realized that my orinal method didn't quite offer the depth that Carrie's method has. I know that there is power in this practice and I want you to choose a word that will inspire you to grow and become more of who you really are. Some of you will know right away what your word will be and for those of you who might need a little guidance I would like to encourage you to head over to Carrie's website and get her guide.

Do you have a word of the year chosen? What is your experience with this practice been like in the past? I would love to hear how this practice has worked for you in the past.

Here is to ushering in the new year with your own special word of the year.!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Is It Time To Bedazzle Your Toolbox?

By Jill:
My Bedazzled Toolbox
Saturday I was on a coaching call with one of my clients and she asked what tools she could use, if needed, for her upcoming trip to visit her family.  I kind of laughed out loud because her Guides showed me a toolbox that had been Bedazzled!  They wanted me to remind her that she already has so many tools and all she needs to do is look in her toolbox, pick one, and then  implement it.  We talked about what she felt would work best for her and she left prepared with her tools should she need them.
That got me thinking not only about my own toolbox but yours too.  I'm guessing that you already have your own and it might even be pretty darn full at this point on your journey.  You have probably invested a lot of time, energy and money to get it so full...  I know I have!
Here's the million dollar question though...How often do you actually use those tools?  Do you even know what is in there?  
Some people believe that doing their inner clearing work is done and I am so happy for them.  Maybe a wee bit jealous too because I'm just not there yet.  In order for me to be at the level of Inner Alignment that I am most comfortable at, and then continue to evolve and expand, I still have stuff that gets in the way that needs to be let go of and healed.  Remember that the word healing means ~  to return to wholeness.
Whether it is old mindsets, habits that no longer serve me, fear of lack and limitation, feeling vulnerable or self-conscious, anxious or depressed or plain old not feeling good enough ~ I know that something is ready to be released and transmuted if it doesn't move through me easily.  That's when I reach into my toolbox and pick something that will help me re-align ASAP.  If stuff begins to cause disharmony and dis-ease in my life then I know I waited  a bit too long and I better go for the power tools!
Thanks to my client's Guides I decided to have some fun with this and Bedazzle my own toolbox and take inventory of what is in there.  I couldn't wait to share it with you! 
I invite you to have some fun with this and create your own symbolic toolbox and of course...Bedazzle it.  You can go out and pick up some fun items to make your toolbox or you can probably find something in your house that will work wonderfully.  You can even draw one and decorate it with colored pencils, crayons or markers if you want.  
Once you have the items to create your toolbox be sure to make a list of all the tools you already have and put them in it ~  You might be surprised to see how many there are.  This is a good exercise to see and acknowledge all the tools you do have, and it also opens up your second chakra and gets the energy flowing.
I'm keeping my symbolic Bedazzled toolbox in my workshop with my "tools" in it and when needed I will set my intention to pick the most helpful tool, close my eyes and pick one up and then USE it.  

Who said "healing" can't be fun?
Here are some tools in my box:
  • Inner Alignment Mandalas
  • Soul Art
  • Radical Forgiveness
  • EFT
  • Sedona Method
  • Energy Work
  • Meditation
  • Affirmative Prayer
  • Journaling
  • Paining/Artwork
  • Dance/Movement
  • Calling a Like Minded Friend
  • Crystals
  • Oracle Decks/Tarot/Runes
  • Akashic Records
  • Affirmations
  • Read an Inspiring Book
  • Listen to Inspiring Music
  • Mantras
  • Ho'oponopono
  • Essential Oils
  • Conscious Breathing 

If you accept the invitation to create your own symbolic toolbox and Bedazzle it,  we would love to see pictures of  it and hear some of your favorite tools that you use.  Be sure to leave a comment when you're done and/or post a picture on our FB page at:
With Heart,
Jill Marie

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Coming Soon: Living in Harmony With Winter

Winter can be a difficult season for many people. The nights are long, the skies gray, sunshine can be a long lost friend, and baby it’s cold outside! Combine that with the letdown after the holidays and January can be a long, tough month.
This year we want to educate, inspire, and support our beautiful community to live in harmony with winter during the month of January.  That’s why we have invited an wonderful group of people to share their secrets to harmonizing with winter.
We have pulled together a special mix of amazing individuals with varied backgrounds and interests so there will be something for everyone. We have invited them to be creative and share in whatever way they feel inspired, whether that be a blog post, photographs, a piece of art, or video. We are so excited to share their creative talents, tips and ideas with you.
So come back on January 1st when all the festivities begin. If you would like to have the posts in your inbox each day, enter your email address in the box located at the top of our sidebar on the right.  We can’t wait to get started and we hope you will join us!

Michelle Pfennighaus
Hali Lynne Karla
Carrie Saba
Jodi Lebrun
Leanne Chapman
Shannon Kinney-Duh
Lisa Berkovitz
Patti Foy
Jane Cunningham
Lisa Wilson
Jeanie Anthony
Jiliette Looye
Indigo Carlton
Elaine Sauer
Cindy Perloff
Jennifer Koenig
Sandi Pike Foundas
Pam "Mimi" Pulice
Corina Thomas


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

8 Ways to Have a Dream Holiday Season!

By: Michelle
We have officially entered the busy holiday season. The parties, the shopping, the cooking and the baking. Sometimes it just seems like there is too much!
This year let's try something a little new. I've got some ideas that might make this time of year go a little smoother. If you only pick one of them you will be making a positive change

1. Intention for the Season- Right now, sit down and take a few moments to get clear on the way you want your holiday season to unfold. What is important to you? How do you want to feel? How do you want your loved ones to experience the season? Set the mood for the days ahead.
2. Prioritize- You can't do everything, go everywhere and be everything to everyone. Take a moment to sit down and list out your top 5 priorities for the holiday season. Do you want to spend more quiet time with your family, bake cookies with your children, find a way to give back more this year, or is there a favorite holiday party that can't be missed? Make these your "A" list activities and if you have more things you would like to do, add them as "B" activities and only do those after your "A" activities are completed.

3. Cut Back- Get clear on the amount of gifts you are purchasing. Have you been feeling like its just too much? Its ok to cut back. Have a heart to heart conversation with your loved ones and explain your intention and your priorities for the season and let them know the onslaught of gifts doesn't fit in with your vision. Ask them to help you think of ways to make gift giving more special and help them to get clear on their priorities as well.
4. Daily Connection- Make it a priority that you spend just a few minutes each day connecting with your spirit. You can choose to meditate, practice conscious breathing  journal, walk in nature, set a daily intention, or pull a card from your favorite oracle card deck. It doesn't have to be a lengthy practice. Just a brief moment to center yourself, and connect to your higher self will help to ground and center you for the day.

I find working with my mandala is a wonderful way for me to get a deep connection in a short amount of time. We have created a Winter Harmony mandala that carries wonderful energy for this time of the year. It is a great way to for you to tune in during the holiday season.
5. Find Time for You- This time of the year is all about giving and it's important to find time to give to yourself. You want to make sure you are filling yourself up so you don't find yourself completely empty and drained at the end of it all. Schedule a weekly date with yourself to do something that brings you joy. Try to give yourself at least an hour. Take a bath with candles and some essential oils, read an uplifting book,  watch a holiday movie you love, head to a spa or create a spa in your own home. Whatever it is, make sure it's something that gets you excited.

6. Mind Your Body- With the holidays comes cookies, candies, and desserts of every kind. Be mindful of what you're putting into your mouth. Sugar can zap your energy and leave you feeling frazzled and cranky. Limit your intake of sugar as much as you can.  Practice leaving some behind so you can enjoy a wide variety of treats. One bite can often be just enough if you are being present as you eat and enjoying every bite. Be sure to eat protein with your sugar. This will help to keep your blood sugar a bit more stable. Add lots of leafy greens and sweet veggies to your meals to stabilize your cravings and be sure to drink lots of water to keep you hydrated.
7. Use Your Calendar- The calendar is my favorite tool to help me stay balanced. I personally use google calendar and sync it to my phone. I invite you to find a calendar that works for you. Use it for everything. Write lists, schedule your time ahead, plug in your pampering dates with yourself, use the reminders to help you. When I work with my clients, one of their favorite tips they got from me was to use the calendar preemptively. If you notice something that isn't working for you this holiday season, go forward in your calendar to next year's holiday season and write yourself a note reminding you what worked, what didn't, and any ideas you have to make it better. I know you think you won't forget but you would be surprised at how much you can forget in a year.

8. Practice Gratitude- Gratitude is such a powerful way to shift your energy and shift your life. Get in the habit of looking for what is working in your life. The more you do it the easier it is to recognize these moments as you go through your day. It is a magical practice and what better time of year to begin?!

What do you do over the holidays that could use some tweaking? What works? What doesn't? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject.  

I wish you a peaceful, joyful holiday season filled with love and wonder!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why was Super Soul Sunday an Awesome Experience for me?

By Jill

Today I watched my first ever episode of Oprah's Super Soul Sunday and I was glued to the set with my mouth open in total amazement.  The content of the show with guests Marie Forleo,  Mastin Kipp, and Gabrielle Bernstein and of course Oprah was at the exact frequency of our latest mandala entitled "My Heart Is Open."

Here is a little of my Oprah history ~ I really haven't been an Oprah fan for many years.  I saw a live show when I was 18 years old and sat right up front.  My experience of that show and the feeling I got from her was not a good one and I held that with me for a very long time. She was not friendly to the audience at all and when there was a break for commercials she would walk off set with, what I remember to be, a look of disdain on her face.  I felt she was totally phony and only put on a show for the camera.

As I matured I was able to realize that the topic of the show was a very sensitive one and it certainly wasn't  warm and fuzzy.  I thought that it was very likely that it could have  triggered something in her that brought up some stuff and she was doing the best she could in the moment and that is why she seemed so cold, distant and full of disgust.

But I still did not watch The Oprah Show even though I started hearing so many wonderful things about how she was changing people's lives with her content and the guests she was having on them. A bit odd since many of her guests were some of my favorite authors and teachers that had impacted my life in very positive ways.

Imagine my surprise when I was so pulled, what almost seemed to be against my will, to watch this episode.  Thanks to Marie Forleo since she was the main force that intrigued me to watch it in the first place.  And there I sat glued to the set in awe.

Just to give you a timeline on what had happened prior to me viewing the episode, here is how the sequence of events unfolded.  

On November 12, Michelle sent me the image of the latest mandala she created ~ My Heart Is Open.   On November 15,  I did the Quantum Level energy work on the mandala along with my reading of the energy message that this mandala radiates and represents.

 I was so moved by the powerful energy and message from this mandala that I emailed my friend in Australia and shared some of it with her.  In my email I said:

"The message in a nutshell was that our journey here is to open our hearts and as we do that and come alive and teach it to others...we will be living a joy filled life in Inner Alignment!  I'm sure I can't count how many times I have heard that before in some form or another...I mean really, could Joseph Campbell have said it any more clearly! I love that it is the energy that this mandala radiates!"

Now on November 18, I hear Oprah and guests talk about the exact  energy and message that this mandala carries!  

Okay so by now you are probably wondering why I am sharing this with you and what the heck my point is?  I promise I'm getting there!

Obviously I love what Michelle and I are doing with these amazing mandala's and I know that there are so many benefits to working with them.  I also know that our clients and customers have also felt the amazing energy and benefits of them.  Both of us are in total awe at how this work comes through us and is so Divinely Inspired.

What I am not convinced of is that we are marketing them properly as we are both very mindful about using manipulation or fear based marketing.  That doesn't feel right to us, we don't like it and we don't want to do that to you.

Having said that, after watching this episode of Super Soul Sunday I really want to get the message of this particular mandala out there in a BIG way and I am asking for your help. 

First, I invite you to purchase one for yourself to experience the energy first hand.  Only seventeen dollars for the download and that includes both my reading and Michelle's. 

Second, If you love it and it resonates with you, please share our website and information with as many people that you feel guided and inspired to, so they can purchase their very own.

The more people with their heart open, the more we are in Inner Alignment, the better the World.

Wishing you a Peace and Joy filled rest of the week :)

PS:  For those of you that do global work, if you haven't already printed out your free I AM Love mandala now would be a great time and you may want to include it in your work.  I have set up a Grid using the mandala to surround the Middle East with Divine Love for the highest and greatest good of all.  I wrote my intention directly on the area around the printed mandala and placed my crystals around the mandala.  Simple yet very powerful.

How do you use your Inner Alignment Mandalas?  Let us know in the comments below :)

With Heart,

Jill Marie

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How Often Do You Smile at Yourself in the Mirror?

By Michelle

When I was young I had this thing about not liking myself very much. I only saw the imperfections and couldn't see to good things about me. I knew my nose was too big, my chin was recessed, I had an ugly profile, I had a moustache, and my waist was thick. I didn't like having my picture taken because I didn't want others to see what I saw when I looked in the mirror.

Looking back at pictures of myself when I was younger amazes me. I see a thin and beautiful girl. The thoughts in my head didn't match the reality at all.

As I got older, I started gaining weight and I'm sure you can guess that the weight was mostly in my stomach area. It's the old chicken or the egg question...were my negative thoughts creating my body?

As I gained the weight I started hating what I saw in the mirror even more.  Suddenly I could see what I couldn't see before and I wanted the younger me to come back. I didn't recognize this woman in the mirror.

I tried all kinds of diets. I did Weight Watchers, South Beach, went raw for a year, did a 92 day juice feast, and then spent a year on the Paleo Diet. Every time I lost weight and felt better but still I never liked what I saw in the mirror. It was never good enough.

It's strange because it was almost like I had a distorted reality. I couldn't see that I was as thin as I was. I remember looking through my closet and seeing the small sizes from the last diet and I was shocked. I literally said to myself, "OMG, was I really that thin?" Reality distortion at its finest.

Currently I have gained back the weight I lost on my last foray into the diet world. I realize I am on the higher end of my weight spectrum and in addition to this I can see that I am beginning to have wrinkles and gray hair. And yet a funny thing has started to happen. I catch myself walking by a mirror, catching a glimpse of myself and smiling.

Whoa! When did that happen and how on earth did I get here right?

I said to a friend the other day that I know I am not at my ideal weight and yet this is the happiest I've ever been in my life. I am not as focused on that aspect of myself. I've spent years clearing out the emotional pain I had been holding onto all of these years and in the process I've learned to see myself in a new light.

I see myself for who I am on the inside, who I am in the depths of my heart, even beneath the ego persona that I still show to the world at times. I see into my eyes and I see a spark there that has nothing to do with my physical appearance and over time that has changed the filter I see myself through.

Now, that doesn't mean I don't want to try to be the best I can be for my body but the thoughts that are leading me to want to make changes are shifting and morphing. I am focusing on being kind to myself, making choices that make me feel good and that nurture me. This is a whole lot different from depriving myself to get rid of the fat on my stomach that I hate.

Can you see the difference?

This week I am on a detox. I am eating clean. No sugar, no dairy, no processed foods, no caffeine, I struggled with the decision to do this because I'm good at diets. I can deprive myself like no one else. It's the moderation AFTER the diet I have struggled with in the past. I was afraid I would get swept away in this mentality again.

So on day 3 I am being present. I am eating in silence when I can. I am focusing on my thoughts and observing the way my mind likes to play tricks on me. I am watching carefully and by watching I am learning and growing.

I don't know what will happen after this week but I know for sure that no matter what it is I will like what I see in the mirror!

So, how often do you smile at yourself in the mirror?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Here are the winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered to win our Gratitude Mandala! Congratulations to our winners!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"Know Thyself" Really Is A Key To Inspired Living

Have you ever caught yourself wondering why you do the things you do or why certain things work for others and not you?

There are so many depths to the Ancient Greek aphorism Know Thyself.  At the most basic level   knowing yourself, as the unique individual expression that you are,  is a key to inspired living.

This came up for me this month when I was talking to my good friend Linda Bolton.  We have so much in common it is amazing ;)  Linda is my go to person when I am looking for inspiring, deeply profound and life-enriching conversation...and to vent and process if I'm going through some "stuff".

The topic of taking action and "Just Do It" came up.  That energy doesn't always work for me and I never understood why.  In fact it has caused me great angst at different times in my life.  Thankfully the answer came when I began to take a closer look at my energy patterns and I discovered I carry a 'wait to respond' type of energy.

 Remember that we are all created equal and we are also created with these unique energy patterns that contribute to the way we experience our life and process our information.

It is important to know that we co-create our life experiences within this framework of our energetic patterns and we can get to know those patterns by exploring and studying systems that are already developed.

Some of the ones I have personally worked with are:
 These are not affiliate links.  I am sharing information that I have enjoyed and benefited from and thought you would find helpful on your journey.

We are told often not to compare and despair and judge ourselves or others, and when you look at it from an energetic viewpoint it is very clear as to why that doesn't work and only causes pain and confusion.

You can see this clearly when you look at me and my sister.  We are five years apart, we are both Aries, have the same Life Path numbers, have the same parents, grew up in the same house, and while we have some similarities we are so very different. Of course we are both awesome :), but the way we move through life is so very different. 

I could have spent many years wondering why I wasn't more like her and trying to "fix" myself to be more organized and what not, but thankfully I was more in-tune with my intuition so I didn't go there ~ well at least not for long anyway! 

Through studying both of our energetic patterns it became very clear as to just how unique we are in our self-expression and it is just perfect for each of us.

Over the years I have learned to embrace my energy patterns and utilize them in a way that works well for me.  I can focus on my strengths and when needed I can seek the support of others in my areas of weakness.  I no longer look at that as something that needs to be fixed or that I need to do things the way somebody else does them.

That doesn't mean that I give myself excuses for staying stuck ,or that I won't invest my time and energy on improving areas of my life. or learning new things...instead it  brings out even more creativity as to how I am going to move forward towards my goals and dreams.

Yes, Knowing Thyself is definitely worth exploring and a journey I recommend to everyone that has a strong desire to connect on a deeper level of being.

What systems have you explored that you find beneficial in your life? We would love to hear about them!

With Heart,

Jill Marie

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Great Gratitude Giveaway!

In honor of the month of November which is all about being thankful and our new Gratitude Mandala, we want to host a little gratitude giveaway here at Inner Alignment Mandalas!

We are giving away 3 instant downloads of our Gratitude Mandala which comes with readings from Jill Marie and Michelle as well as a special report that will give you some ideas on how to work with your mandala.

The giveaway starts today, November 3rd at 12:01am (EST) and ends on Saturday, November 10th at 12:01am (EST)

There are 4 ways to enter so have fun picking and choosing or better yet, do all 4! Just follow the directions below.

Share the gratitude with your friends and family and let them know how to enter!

We will be back next Saturday to announce the winners!

Good luck.

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**If you want a little help figuring out how to enter this giveaway, you can watch this quick video that will explain it all in under a minute.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane in the Midwest?

By Michelle

Yesterday I was jumping in my car to head off to my son's soccer practice in my usual mom rush and as I turned onto the street and down the road I was taken back by the sky. It was amazing! In all my years I had never seen a formation of clouds with the kind of pattern I was seeing. It looked like waves in the sky.

I had to stop and ooh and ahh while taking pictures. I wished I had my good camera or better yet, some free time to spend taking more pictures. I pointed it out to my son and he ooh-ed and ahh-ed a bit too and then we got back on track and took off to make it to practice on time.

As I drove I got this funny feeling that the sky I was seeing was connected to the hurricane that was hitting my friends on the east coast and I got this uncomfortable feeling that here I was enjoying something that was causing devastation and hardship to others.

I thought about writing something about this in my blog post that was due to go out the next day and then I thought, "No, I don't really know what I would even say about it."

When we arrived at the practice my son hopped out of the car, leaving me alone for the next hour while I waited for him. I had brought my Tarot of Transformation deck with the intention of pulling a card to get me started on an idea for the next day's blog post.

I'm sure by this time you are getting a feeling that the card I pulled is related and you would be correct. In fact, it was so spot on, I was blown away.

The card I pulled was "Healing the Planet." The first sentence in the description was, "Our earth is in crisis." wow!

It went on to talk about how now is the time that each one of us can adopt the attitudes and actions to heal the planet. That it is time to realize that we can no longer go on living in separation and that realizing that we live in an interconnected web of life with one underlying consciousness is the key.

It asked the question, "What would it look like to recognize the holiness of all life?"

It was an invitation to notice the places in your life where you still see things in terms of separation and to see the ways you participate in the larger problems like the greed of corporations.

It reminded me that no one needs to do this alone and that only together can we heal the planet.

It shifted my thinking and my perspective so now I'm passing it on to you. Ask yourself these questions and if you feel like you can't help, explore the reasons you feel like that and ask yourself why?

Feel your connection with the whole or with the healing energy that is streaming to the earth.

Take a moment to do the following meditation:
Imagine yourself out in space, looking back at earth. Realizing that this is your home and that all the beings here are your family. Let yourself feel the love in your heart. Feel the natural desire of love to help, to reach out to heal the distress that the earth is experiencing right now. You may find yourself joined by dolphins and other beings who are also sending love to the planet. Know that the planet is conscious and responsive and is strengthened by this.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Have You Ever Felt Like This?

Sometimes life just sucks! 

 Yes...I said it.  

 It may not be the NLP way to say it and some would say that it is also not very Spiritual, but I've personally tried to force a smile and come up with the positives of a situation before I was ready to.   

Have you ever done that ~  instead of letting yourself go with how you were really feeling in the moment? 

You may have found that not allowing yourself to acknowledge your feelings and thoughts has led to more issues of dysfunction, resentment and irritation than if you would have just let yourself feel your feelings in the first place and let them pass through. 

If you have known me for awhile you know that I am a pretty optimistic person.  I'm blessed to have deepened my belief system and opened up to my connection with Spirit.  You also know that these past few years have had incredible highs and some pretty low lows.   

The Lows:  You know that my 16 year old daughter has been in and out of the hospital for an eating disorder (I have her permission to share this).  Then began  having Urinary Retention to the point that she had to catheterize herself multiple times a day to empty her bladder.  She had InterStim surgery that was 100 % successful during the trial period only to have it stop working 5 days after her second surgery when they  implanted the battery/programmer between her muscle tissue and subcutaneous tissue in her left hip/buttock area.
 Addendum ~ as of this morning 10-24-2012 she was able to go on her own!!! 

You know that my 18 year old son is legally blind from a genetic eye disorder ( that he got from me) and he can't drive.  He has had bleeding blood vessels in his eyes that when actively bleeding needs painful injections into the eyeball.  That started when he was only in the 3rd grade.

That I have the same eye disorder as my son (My vision is better than his) and it is progressing.   

That my mom died unexpectedly (she was an amazing lady and good friend).  We  were told constantly that she was doing great and they expected her to make a full recovery after a week or so  of touch and go in the ICU.  She was sent to a rehab center after 3 weeks in the hospital to gain her strength back  and days before her discharge she went into shock over several hours due to her heart being squeezed by fluid build up. 

 Then beating myself up because I should have insisted that she be taken to the ER as I knew something was wrong...but I didn't.  

Instead I let the nurse give her some pain medication because the doctor said it was an "arthritis flare up" and I left so she could get some rest.    I saw her several hours later in the ER.  She had died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.   

Me, my nephew and my Mom :)

The Highs:  I went to Canada and got certified as a Master Soul Art Guide,   my intuitive  Energy Healing expanded to include  stronger Quantum Level Frequencies,  I paired up with an incredible Intuitive Artist and launched Inner Alignment Mandalas and went to California and got certified as a Dream Builder Coach which has been a dream of mine for the past three years.  I am following my heart's desires where I am being called and aligning with my passions and purpose as my Healing/Coaching practice moves into its next level of expression.

My son graduated High School and got drafted to a Tier 3 Minnesota Junior Hockey Team ,  he did not let his limited vision stop him from pursuing his passion of playing Hockey, and my daughter is now eating healthy and nutritious food, sees a therapist that she loves and gets regular Chiropractic care.  She is excited to have a great Junior year in High School and is loving being part of the Marching Band as a Snare Drum player  in the Drum Line.  She even got her first job.
 Gianna Marie


Where am I going with this?   

Knowing what I know and believing what I believe has helped me tremendously at times and other times it proved to actually be a hindrance.

I was not allowing myself to feel my feelings and move through the grieving process when needed. 

Even though I know better than to try and do a Spiritual Bypass and not give myself permission to feel overwhelmed, angry, sad or scared ~ I still find myself, at times, trying to do just that!   

I'm not sure all of the reasons why I do that but I do know that it is partly because many Mentors teach that you have to keep your thoughts positive no matter what, your vibration up and so on or else you will keep attracting less than desired situations into your life.  

And while I agree that that is also need to allow yourself to feel those feelings in the first place and not try to jump up the emotional scale too fast,  as Abraham - Hicks say.

That is why I LOVE these 4 Tools to help with the Allowing of feeling how you are feeling without Judging yourself and then moving through it as quickly as possible so you can realign with the Divine  Truth that All Is Well...despite appearances.  

While going through many challenges with my daughter,  where at times I was only able to see the horrible side of her eating disorder, a disorder  that took her over like an entity of its own and has left physical damage along the way~  I would  often turn to  her Beautiful Mandala knowing that her True Essence is so very beautiful and read the channeled words of wisdom that helped my heart heal.
I first allowed myself to feel the sadness, anger, fear and actual hate of ED (eating disorder, or as we call it FRED -bad word ridiculous eating disorder), and then was able to move into the higher truth, that her experience serves a purpose far beyond what my small self could ever understand.
 Her custom Mandala wasn't only a gift for was one for me and my husband too.  Thank you Michelle for this physical representation of Gianna's True Essence.

4.  Any Book from Abraham - Hicks.  Especially "The Astonishing Power of Emotions"

Clink on the Links and check them out if you aren't already familiar with them and how they can help you feel your feelings fully AND move forward as quickly and easily as possible.

Have you found yourself not allowing yourself to feel your feelings fully?

What tools and techniques do you use in your life?  

We would love to hear from you :)

A related article that I just love is from my friend and fellow Certified Soul Art Guide Leanne Chapman from Claim Your Treasure.

With Heart,

Jill Marie