Saturday, December 1, 2012

Coming Soon: Living in Harmony With Winter

Winter can be a difficult season for many people. The nights are long, the skies gray, sunshine can be a long lost friend, and baby it’s cold outside! Combine that with the letdown after the holidays and January can be a long, tough month.
This year we want to educate, inspire, and support our beautiful community to live in harmony with winter during the month of January.  That’s why we have invited an wonderful group of people to share their secrets to harmonizing with winter.
We have pulled together a special mix of amazing individuals with varied backgrounds and interests so there will be something for everyone. We have invited them to be creative and share in whatever way they feel inspired, whether that be a blog post, photographs, a piece of art, or video. We are so excited to share their creative talents, tips and ideas with you.
So come back on January 1st when all the festivities begin. If you would like to have the posts in your inbox each day, enter your email address in the box located at the top of our sidebar on the right.  We can’t wait to get started and we hope you will join us!

Michelle Pfennighaus
Hali Lynne Karla
Carrie Saba
Jodi Lebrun
Leanne Chapman
Shannon Kinney-Duh
Lisa Berkovitz
Patti Foy
Jane Cunningham
Lisa Wilson
Jeanie Anthony
Jiliette Looye
Indigo Carlton
Elaine Sauer
Cindy Perloff
Jennifer Koenig
Sandi Pike Foundas
Pam "Mimi" Pulice
Corina Thomas


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  1. I am excited to hear everyone's thoughts about Winter Harmony!