Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Where Are You Coming From?

By:  Jill Marie

There has long been the idea that the Ego is "bad" and that it stands for Edging God Out.  I do feel that there is some truth in that,  yet I don't believe that we need to eliminate or kill the Ego in order to live from a Soul level while here on this beautiful planet.

I don't know who to give credit for this statement below but I am including the site from where I found it...
The blurring
   " As we said in the beginning there is a definite blurring of realities of the soul and the ego. The ego is on a journey, just like every other part of our nature. from darkness to light, from ignorance to total awareness of the soul. It is meant to be an instrument of the soul, not in competition with it, and you will notice if you haven't already that gradually it will be illumined by the light of the soul and its sense of itself will gradually enlarge until ultimately the divine ego, feels itself within all."

That makes sense to me and really resonates to the core of my Being, so with that baseline in mind it is helpful to know if you are coming from an Ego based expression, which tends to be fearful and limited, or from a Soul based expression which is the expression of life that is aligned with your True Essence ~ your I AM Presence.

In her book,  The  Big Book of You, Jennifer McLean has a chart which illustrates if you are coming from Ego or if you are coming from Love.  (I am understanding Love here to mean our Divine Self)

Ego                                                      Love
Is expectant                                              Trusts and Knows
Needs                                                       Allows
Seeks Attention                                         Listens
Judges                                                       Forgives (through being present and in the moment)
Fears                                                        Appreciates
Blames                                                     Guides and acknowledges
Pushes into the World                              Receives and embraces the World
Isolates/is frenetic                                    Is clear and smooth
Is disruptive                                             Is balanced
Is disappointment                                     Is acceptance, peace and trust

Not that one is right or wrong...but I know for is time to step more fully into Love.  Are you ready?

If you haven't already, I invite you to print out your Free I AM Love Mandala and keep it in your Sacred Space. Inner Alignment Mandalas are powerful Vibrational Alignment Tools that align you with your True Essence :)

And remember...celebrate wherever you are on your journey.  Life was meant to be fun!

With Heart,

Jill Marie


  1. Thanks for letting this message come thorugh you today. I needed it.
    Blessings !

    1. Blessings to you too Kim and you are very welcome :) I love the way Spirit works as I had a whole other Blog post in mind yet this is what came out.

  2. Jill Marie...

    Thank you. I think you already know how much I needed this today, (yesterday,and the day before that...) :)

    I love how you follow your intuition and are guided by your heart.

    Sending much love...


  3. San, so much love to you. Hoping the Blue Jays are brightening your day :)