Friday, March 1, 2013

Love Shower Week Four


A whole month of showering myself with Love! How cool is that :) Thanks Michelle for bringing this forward and helping us really give more conscious thought to this beautiful and essential practice of Self-Love.

I never got my massage but I got something even better. I now have a deeper appreciation for how easy it is to get so caught up in all the things our busy lives have us doing, and as a result let Self-Care slip by the wayside. 

Whether it is family, work, running your own business or any combination of the above, it can be really easy to think "Oh I'll spend some time tending to my own needs later." Only later never comes and before you know it your are exhausted, not feeling well and everything in your life seems to be falling apart.

In my healing practice I generally see three types of people as clients. Ones that are SO ready to move to their next level of expression, they are full of excitement and joy, and they are looking for some extra help to assist them in their Quantum Leap. They have far more longing in their lives and little to no discontent.  

Next I work with clients that do have a self-care program in place, they aren't always good at keeping up with it though and now are feeling a bit overwhelmed and they would like to get back to feeling better. They have an equal amount of longing and discontent in their lives.

Finally I work with clients who have, for many years, neglected their own needs and put everybody else before them. They are empty and usually have more serious signs and symptoms of dis-ease in their physical, mental and emotional bodies. This group of people have much discontent and little longing.

For all of them I highly recommend they work with Inner Alignment Mandalas and the loving Quantum level frequencies that they carry. Each Mandala is created not only with our Love and support but with the amazing energy of this Universe and they each carry specific frequencies to aid you on your journey.

Please, please, please keep yourself filled up with the Life Force Energy that you get from Showering Yourself with Love. Never go below half a tank and hopefully you won't even get that low.

What did I do this week to Shower Myself with Love? I did some much needed reflection on what was working in my life and what wasn't. I sat in silence as much as possible and asked myself what do I need to Let Go Of and What Do I Need to Grow to be the person I know I am on the inside.

This week didn't always look pretty and I was a wee bit on the crabby side. That in and of itself is a sign to me that something is out of balance or I am integrating new energy into my system. Luckily I was able to course correct and begin to reexamine where I am putting my energy, attention and focus. Sometimes the answer is to Do something and sometimes it is to just Be, but I wouldn't know that if I didn't take the time to keep myself filled up in the first place ;)

And important to note...I totally loved and accepted myself every step of the way... Crabbiness and all!

May you continue to Shower Yourself with Love for the rest of the year!

With Heart,
Jill Marie



This month of focusing on showering myself with love has been so interesting. I don't think I've ever spent this long of a period of time thinking about loving myself and what that looks like and how it affects me.

I've been up and down, inspired and lackluster, full of energy and completely lacking throughout the month and yet this challenge allowed me to focus on doing something each week that brought me joy no matter how I was feeling. I consider this to be a complete gift that I am grateful to have experienced because let's be honest, it's so much easier to love yourself and to shower yourself with love when you feel good. It's a whole other thing to do it when you are feeling challenged and that is exactly what I was introduced to over the month of February.

So this week I was feeling great and I started thinking, what could I do that would just be fun and bring me joy? There are two places I love to go in the winter. One is the craft store and you all know I've been going there a lot to stock up on my embroidery supplies. Hee hee. This week I decided to head over to the bookstore. I could spend hours and hours walking around and soaking in all of the delicious books with their colorful covers, beautiful pictures and a wealth of knowledge.

Most times I go to the bookstore I don't end up buying anything. I just read the magazines, pull a bunch of books off the shelves and bring them over to a table to peruse. It's pure joy for me. This week I did make a few purchases that I just couldn't resist and that made it even better!

I hope this experiment brought the idea of showering yourself with love home for all of you. It is my hope that you got an idea from one of us or it sparked an idea and that you will continue to bring this practice into your life throughout the year. Thank you for being witness to our journey and for sharing it with us.


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