Wednesday, September 11, 2013

From Inspired Idea To Physical Form

By Jill Marie

Have you ever paid attention to how something goes from an Inspired Idea and then turns into the physical expression or manifestation of that Idea?

This is fascinating stuff for me and something I have studied for years and am only now really beginning to deeply understand.  Hundreds if not thousands of books have been written about this and workshops are plenty when it comes to this topic.

And while all that is helpful and fascinating, it isn't until you really take the time to witness and observe the dynamics of it in your own life that you can embody the principles and really know it.

This is only my interpretation and there are several variations.  See what makes the most sense to you as you begin to observe this in your own life :)

Let's look at this from the Perspective of a Journey through the Chakras.

Chakra System
Crown Chakra/7th Chakra/Top of Head:  You receive an Inspired Idea.  This is the Realm of "I Know".  You get this idea and you are filled with excitement and a knowing that you have a great idea!  You are usually full of energy at this point...thought is a very high vibration.

If this Chakra is open and balanced you will move to the next stage of the process.  If it is blocked or out of balance you will get trapped in over-thinking and over-analyzing it or just feel too confused on how to move forward.  Eventually it will leave your awareness or stay as a "Could have been idea".

Third Eye Chakra/6th Chakra/Middle of Forehead Between Brow Area:  This is the realm of "I See." Now you can "see" what the idea looks like with your mind's eye/your imagination.  You see what it looks like and perhaps what the benefits will be to yourself or others.  You see your idea out in the world.  You can visualize it (in whatever way is natural to you.)

If this Chakra is blocked or unbalanced you can't really see your idea coming into form and you don't see how it could work.  Excessive skepticism can kick in here and your idea is lost.

 If it is balanced, your intuition is strong and you stay in the creative energy.  This also feels really good and exciting.

Throat Chakra/5th Chakra/Throat Area:  This is the Chakra of communication and "I speak".  This is where you begin giving language to your idea.  You might begin writing down you thoughts and visions in a journal in some form of organized manner.  You begin to speak to others about it.  This can be really exciting too and also where nerves start to kick in.  The energy is getting denser so it feels good but not as good perhaps.

If this Chakra is blocked or unbalanced you may find it difficult to put your idea/vision into words.  Or you are afraid to talk about it with anybody.  Either way chances are that it won't go further than this.  Especially if it is an idea that would need to include others to bring it to fruition.

Heart Chakra/4th Chakra/Heart area:  This Chakra is related to "I love and am loved".  You love your idea, the vision of it, and communicating about it.  You feel very connected to it and it feels good. Not only does it feel good to you personally but there will be an element to it that will also serve Humanity or the Whole in some way.  Here is also where you begin building a support system of people that can help you both with the project itself but also as emotional support if you start to feel overwhelmed.

If this Chakra is blocked you won't feel connected to it.  Almost like you will fall out of love with the idea.  You might become withdrawn from the idea or over critical of it.  All kinds of stuff could come up and get triggered in this Chakra that end up taking your attention away from the original idea itself.  Co-dependency issues could come up here that prevent you from moving forward.  You might not feel supported and just give up.

Solar Plexus/3rd Chakra/Below Rib Cage above Navel:  This is the Chakra of "I Can" or "To Act".  This is where your self-esteem and confidence come into play.  The energy is much denser now and your idea can begin to feel like a drain instead of energizing.  This is where many ideas begin to lose their power and are let go of.  You don't think you have what it takes.  Your idea isn't good enough.  Others can do it,  but you feel you can't.  Fear basically steps in big time and you are immobilized to move forward with the steps that need to be taken.  Your energy may be too scattered to pull it together to move to the next Chakra and you quit.  Lack of discipline will be a big issue here especially if that is a pattern you run.

Or you still feel empowered.  You CAN do this... and you Will do this!  At which point you move on...

Sacral Chakra/2nd Chakra/Located Two fingers below your navel:  This is the realm of "I want"  You are getting closer to your idea, your vision, coming into form.  More fear can kick up here.  Especially concern of "How much is this going to cost me?"  When it comes to investing in an idea whether it is in purchasing something, or creating something or investing in mentoring or training...the fear of cost can be paralyzing.  This is also a common place where ideas are aborted.

If you are creating a new program, product or package of services you start to wonder if anybody will want it or if they will pay for it.  You might become overly sensitive to any problems that come up and want to give up.  Fear of change may arise..."If I do create this then what?"  "Will I be too busy for my family if I get too successful or Will this manifestation take up too much of my time and will I lose my freedom?"  You can get too serious at this stage and lose the joy that you had initially.

If you have been working too hard and have lost the fun and pleasure of your idea then you might get burnt out and not want to continue.  As the energies get denser as you move down the Chakra system you need to lighten up and be sure to keep enjoying the creation process.  If you get burnt out you will quit at this stage.

If you kept going you will finally ,make it to the Root Chakra/1st Chakra/Base of Spine:  This is the Chakra of "I Have, "To Be Here."  This is the densest energy of the manifestation process.  To some this represents the actual physical form of the idea, but before you do have the manifestation, chances are there are many little loose ends that need to be completed.

If this Chakra is blocked it may interfere with the complete manifestation.  You need to complete each step along the journey of creation in a timely fashion or you may give up and begin missing opportunities. While it is true that when one door closes another door opens...if you procrastinate continually your idea will most likely not come into form.

If you don't give will have the physical manifestation of your Idea!  Congratulations.  If you did give up and your idea seems to have faded away...start checking in to see at what point you got most hung up.

Do you see a pattern?  This can be a good indication of why are aren't living closer to the life of your Dreams.

Dare I say to keep ANOTHER type of journal???  Okay I'll say might want to start a Creation Journal and keep notes about the Journey of your Inspired Ideas!

If you find yourself getting stuck in certain areas this gives you a good heads up on where some Inner Reflection is needed or some clarity and clearing of blocks may be helpful.

To aid you on your journey, Michelle and I created a 30 Day Intensive Healing/Coaching program to assist you.  More information to come on our website at  

Here is what some of our recent clients had to say:

"It was such a gift and blessing to work with both Michelle and Jill.  The benefits I received were immeasurable.  With their insight, wisdom and encouragement I was able to clear negative patterns that had been hindering me and I now have tools I can use to move forward and sustain this positive progression.  I learned so much about myself and I look forward to working with Michelle and Jill again.  They have opened a whole new world to me.  Their coaching, compassion and intuitiveness significantly affected my life.  I cannot thank them enough for their support and inspiration. "
~ Helen C.

Jill Marie & Michelle have a unique and authentic approach for inner alignment.  They helped me see some of the recurring issues that have been clouding my clarity and purpose, and keeping me stuck.  I was having a 2 steps forward, 3 steps back type of experience for a while. Their multiple approaches and talents helped me look at issues form several different perspectives. I experienced several paradigm shifts; one profound shift was with my family of origin and the messages and inherited pain I was carrying.  I also came to see the universe as wanting to assist me, instead of blocking my efforts. 
They compassionately challenged me to look at several aspects of myself, while encouraging and facilitating growth and healing.   I was introduced to many new ideas, which they backed up with valuable resources to help along the journey.   I was impressed with the breadth and depth of what they have to offer.  Each time we spoke, I felt as though I was in loving hands.  I have been richly blessed by this experience.
 ~ Sue K.
"I recently worked with Jill and Michelle together within the Inner Alignment Mastery program. I knew that from my previous experience with them when they had created my Inner Alignment Mandela that I was in good hands!
They had a very loving and gentle way of helping me gain clarity and perspective within my life. They helped me to move past blockages that I knew existed but didn't know how to move past. They both brought a very unique set of skills to allow expansion both consciously and subconsciously. In working with them my life has been enriched and I feel grateful for the time I spent with each of them!"

Quick note to Jill...since our last session the hip pain that I had been experiencing is completely gone!

~ Jackie D

Do you have any great insight on how you bring your Inspired Ideas into form?  Please Share :)

With Heart,

Jill Marie

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