Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Do You Know The Steps To Being a Dream Weaver?

By Jill Marie

When you begin to understand the Creative Process and the Universal Laws and Principles that govern your life, your experiences begin to take on a whole new level of expression.  Yet knowing these principles and being in harmony and alignment with them are two different things.

To simplify the Creative Process,  it is when a thought, desire or idea moves into physical expression.  As a co-creator in your life you have a lot of power bringing what you want to be, do, have, give, create and experience in your life into manifestation.

We hear often that all we have to do is Ask, Believe and Receive, yet for many that just doesn't seem to be our experience does it???

Let's break down the Creative Process, or as I like to call it  Dream Weaving, into some basic steps, and that will give us a great place to start.

Step 1.  Get Clear on your Dream.  What do you want to be, do, have, give, create and experience in your life?

Step 2.  Ask yourself if your Dream is for your Highest and Greatest good AND for the Highest and Greatest good of others.

Step 3:  Check in to see if you Believe your Dream is possible for you.  This is where the mindset work begins.  William Arthur Ward said, "If you can imagine it,  you can achieve it, if you can dream it, you can become it".

But if you don't feel you deserve it then you are not in alignment with your Dream.  Take some time here,  if you need to, and remind yourself that you are an Expression of the Divine and as Abraham-Hicks says ~ The Power that Creates Universes Is Within You. 

 Remember the power of  I AM...and you will know your true worth.

  Once you have Clarity and Knowing then you naturally move into the next step.

Step 4:  Pay attention to the Inspired Action steps that come into your awareness, and then take the necessary action that leads you towards the unfoldment and realization of your Dream.

  If you aren't sure that you are receiving any inspired action steps, start by asking yourself  "What is one step I can take today towards my Dream?", and then be sure to take it  ;)

 One step a day shows you are committed and wiling to take action.  From here the people, places and circumstances begin to line up as you are fully supported on your way!

Simple Right?

Are you still wondering why more of your Dreams don't come true?

Most of us,  at this point in time, need a few more steps along the way of the  Dream Weaving process as we navigate the gap from where we are to where we want to be.

This is where the Hero's journey really begins!

Here is where any fears , thoughts of lack and limitation, old anger, resent or unforgiveness  bubbles up and appears as obstacles and challenges along the way.

 Having a greater awareness and a tool box full of tools to  help you align with your Dreams is ESSENTIAL.  You can check out some great tools here.

Step 5:  If  this happens, be sure to do your Inner Alignment Work  as it clears the way for  your Dream to become a reality.

Step 6:  Repeat the steps as needed until you experience the physical manifestation of your Dream, or something even better becomes apparent to you.

You are a Dream Weaver and can absolutely live the life of your Dreams!  

Michelle and I are honored to bring Inner Alignment Mandalas to you as a way to help you along on your Journey :)

We created a beautiful Dream Weaver Mandala that carries specific frequencies to support you in your Dream Weaving Process!

You can check that out here.

Have a great week,  Dream Big...and then take the Inspired Action steps that you receive!

What are some of your Dreams that are ready to come into the world of form?

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