Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Introducing Myself

By Jill

My turn to introduce myself! My name is Jill Marie Chesrow. Most of my life I have gone by Jill but people throughout my life have called me Jill Marie which I always loved.
Once I became a Creative Memories Consultant several of my clients had the middle name Marie and we would all call each other by first and middle names, so it was Jill Marie and Donna Marie and Shelly Marie. I noticed that I really felt more alive when I used both names and I started using both more and more frequently. So now I go by both but prefer Jill Marie.
I am the youngest of four and have two amazing brothers and an incredible sister who is also a great friend. I have lived my whole life in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. My mom died kind of unexpectedly in April 2011. She was an extraordinary lady and I am forever grateful that we shared this life together as mother and daughter. My Dad misses my mom very much but he is sticking around to watch his kids and grandkids live their dreams ~ he was and still is one of the best motivational speakers around with just enough old school beliefs that it is actually comical!

I’m married to the man I started dating when I was 16 years old. Together we have two great kids, Anthony 18 years old and Gianna almost 17 years old. I always wanted to get married and have a family and I just love my life as a wife and a mother. It is so cool to see both of them blossom into amazing young adults and navigate the highs and lows of life. Now I know why it is often said that our children are some of our greatest teachers.

I wasn’t raised with a firm foundation in Religion or Spirituality but always had a fascination with God, the Universe and Mysticism. I can remember going past the Theosophical Society in Wheaton, IL and Quest Bookstore as a young child and feeling this inner knowing that somehow they were calling to me. Those were my first inklings that there was a far Wiser part of me that just knew things I didn’t understand yet.
I went into Healthcare as a Registered Nurse in 1992 and after 16 years I changed my focus to Energy Healing and other Alternative Therapy. I became a Reiki Master and Level III Reconnective Healing/Reconnection Practitioner. I have trained in LifeLine Technique, and Body Code/Emotion Code work.
I studied with Linda Howe and got certified in Reading the Akashic Records and I have studied Tarot, The Runes and other Divination tools to enhance the Intuitive information I receive when working with clients.

Shortly after having my own Reconnection (see for more detailed information) I began channeling information about several aspects of my Soul’s Purpose. To my absolute joy it became clear that part of that includes helping others clear, balance and expand their energy field, reconnect with their True Essence and identify and align with their passions and dreams.
To bring this to a greater depth of empowerment, I became a Certified Master Soul Art Guide and a Certified Dream Builder Coach.
As if that wasn’t fantastic enough, the incredible work of Inner Alignment Mandalas came forth and unfolded in an absolute Divine way. The inspiration and channeled information that had been coming through for the past four years came into form at the vibration of I AM and finally all the pieces came together for Inner Alignment Mandalas.
From the depths of my heart I am thrilled that Michelle and I can share this powerful and beautiful vibrational alignment work with you.
And it gets even better... I have the most amazing, beautiful hairless cat! Say Hi to Bella Luna...

With Heart,
Jill Marie Chesrow


  1. What a wonderful introduction of your incredible self! :) I am grateful and thankful that I have had the privilege of not only being your older sister, but also have been blessed with getting familiar and benefitting from your healing work personally. I am constantly amazed at how you have evolved in this phase of your being and have enjoyed sharing this ride with you!


  2. Oh thank you big sis ;) You are too awesome!