Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane in the Midwest?

By Michelle

Yesterday I was jumping in my car to head off to my son's soccer practice in my usual mom rush and as I turned onto the street and down the road I was taken back by the sky. It was amazing! In all my years I had never seen a formation of clouds with the kind of pattern I was seeing. It looked like waves in the sky.

I had to stop and ooh and ahh while taking pictures. I wished I had my good camera or better yet, some free time to spend taking more pictures. I pointed it out to my son and he ooh-ed and ahh-ed a bit too and then we got back on track and took off to make it to practice on time.

As I drove I got this funny feeling that the sky I was seeing was connected to the hurricane that was hitting my friends on the east coast and I got this uncomfortable feeling that here I was enjoying something that was causing devastation and hardship to others.

I thought about writing something about this in my blog post that was due to go out the next day and then I thought, "No, I don't really know what I would even say about it."

When we arrived at the practice my son hopped out of the car, leaving me alone for the next hour while I waited for him. I had brought my Tarot of Transformation deck with the intention of pulling a card to get me started on an idea for the next day's blog post.

I'm sure by this time you are getting a feeling that the card I pulled is related and you would be correct. In fact, it was so spot on, I was blown away.

The card I pulled was "Healing the Planet." The first sentence in the description was, "Our earth is in crisis." wow!

It went on to talk about how now is the time that each one of us can adopt the attitudes and actions to heal the planet. That it is time to realize that we can no longer go on living in separation and that realizing that we live in an interconnected web of life with one underlying consciousness is the key.

It asked the question, "What would it look like to recognize the holiness of all life?"

It was an invitation to notice the places in your life where you still see things in terms of separation and to see the ways you participate in the larger problems like the greed of corporations.

It reminded me that no one needs to do this alone and that only together can we heal the planet.

It shifted my thinking and my perspective so now I'm passing it on to you. Ask yourself these questions and if you feel like you can't help, explore the reasons you feel like that and ask yourself why?

Feel your connection with the whole or with the healing energy that is streaming to the earth.

Take a moment to do the following meditation:
Imagine yourself out in space, looking back at earth. Realizing that this is your home and that all the beings here are your family. Let yourself feel the love in your heart. Feel the natural desire of love to help, to reach out to heal the distress that the earth is experiencing right now. You may find yourself joined by dolphins and other beings who are also sending love to the planet. Know that the planet is conscious and responsive and is strengthened by this.


  1. so true and very powerful...taking a moment now to send love and gratitude to the Earth and her people, especially the beautiful souls being directly impacted by the hurricane. Thank you for sharing.

    With Heart

  2. oh Michelle...
    Thank you for this.
    First the photo of the amazing.. and takes my breath away.
    Thank you from my heart for your beautiful meditation. I had tears in my eyes when I reached the third sentence...and felt SUCH a connection of love for all my 'family' on planet earth. I will print out this meditation and post it in my studio where I can see it often and connect to that loving energy.
    with love and heart-felt appreciation.... Sandi

  3. AMAZING! The photo and your card. So beautiful! Your words spoke to me so deeply. Thank you!!

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words ladies. I'm so glad the power of what I was feeling was able to be expressed to all of you! xo