Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Altered Brush

From Michelle

I have been working on my contribution to Donna Downey's Altered Brush project. I love the concept she came up with. In case you haven't heard about it, she has asked people to take part in decorating her new studio by decorating these brushes. So cute! You can learn more about the project here.
My contribution is a colorful mandala that extends onto the bristles of the brush. I actually decided to go with an inversion in the bristles. There the mandala becomes white and the bristles are dripping with bright color because I love color!!!
I added some Swarofski crystals for a little bling. I so wish the photo did it justice. The white is actually an interference paint that flashes violet depending on your angle. So fun.
I asked Jill to check in energetically to see if there was any kind of message and she was felt called to do a full energy session where the frequency of Inner Light Guidance showed up.
The phrases that came up were:
  • Validate Your Dreams
  • Explore the Possibilities
  • Listen to Your Heart
May this paintbrush paint magical moments in each of your lives!


  1. very cool idea and beautifully done!

  2. oh Michelle... I LOVE this! It is sweet, joyful, playfull and fun. Love how you inverted the colors too! (You know how much I took LOVE color!!) :) sending a warm (((hug))) and love, Sandi (