Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter Harmony- JIll Marie Chesrow

The Winter Harmony blog series is our gift to our beautiful community to help inspire and support you to live in harmony with winter. Join us and some amazing guest bloggers M-F during the month of January.
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Ahhhhhhh...Winter Harmony

I was so excited when Michelle suggested this Winter Harmony Series. The idea of having such wonderful, dynamic women, that I respect and admire, share their insight about Winter Harmony sounded very fun and beneficial to me personally and to our beautiful community as well That is until Michelle gave me the date for my submission…
What? What do you mean I have to write something too?
I’m the one that needs to read the wonderful insight shared by others not write about it! I don’t really have anything to share I told her, but she wasn't buying it. I told her I prefer to curl up in a ball and hibernate during the Winter months and that didn't seem very inspiring or full of harmony to me. Michelle can be a tough cookie…she wasn't letting me out of it.
So I did what I have learned to do over the past 7 years and that is go within and see what my Inner Wisdom has to say about this.
I immediately saw an image of a Snowy Owl in my mind’s eye. Okay Snowy Owl what message do you have for me/us?
The Snowy Owl is a gentle, teaching, and patient owl species. It enters and leaves an area quietly without claiming its presence. Therefore, the Snowy Owl is known as being very successful at achieving its goals. It is a very powerful and able owl that is non-threatening and non-intimidating, yet is extremely skilled at the game of survival.
Snowy Owl is telling me to be patient with myself during the Winter months, as well as life in general. Everybody has such a wealth of knowledge to share about Winter Harmony and from that insight I am gifted with many different perspectives, strategies and nurturing information to add to my awareness. I can take what resonates with me in the moment and put the rest on a shelf for future reference and implementation. I am a teacher and a student and when I tap into my Inner Wisdom I can tell which one will help me meet my goals.
Winter for me is a time of quiet as I go within and focus on my inner Being, and in that state of Being I move into Winter Harmony naturally and with ease. I get clear on what is important to me as I set my goals and visions to move into an ever freer, fuller expanded expression of my life.
Questions naturally arise…what is ready to be let go of and what is ready to grow? What do I need to Be in my life and what do I need to Do to allow those goals and dreams to unfold in my life?
And though this really has become my new norm, to go within, be still and then take the inspired action…it is good to go even deeper and that is one of the gifts that Winter brings me.
Thank you Michelle for not letting me out of writing this post and the opportunity for deeper reflection, thank you Snowy Owl for your message, thank you Winter for your gift, and thank YOU for spending this time with us during this Winter Harmony series. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am!
I would love to hear what gifts Winter brings you and how you move into Winter Harmony?

With Heart,
Jill Marie


  1. What a beautiful post, Jill. I loved reading it. It was very personal and intimate, and reminded me that indeed, winter's gift is to encourages us to rest, to renew, and to go deeper. Thank you for a lovely post.

  2. Sweet Jill Marie...

    I have loved reading your words here. You bring a smile with the first two paragraphs...(I'm glad that Michelle was a "tough cookie" and 'made' you write something for the Winter Harmony series.) :)

    And I'm glad that you listened to the whispers of your Inner Wisdom and the message from the Snowy Owl.

    I too, am trying to be patient with myself during these winter months...listening to the quiet...and going within.

    Thank you for being you Jill Marie.... xoxoxo San

  3. You have so much wisdom to share, Jill! It's interesting the owl came up for you as a symbol because of course it has an association with wisdom. I consider Owl to be one of my totem animals and this post really spoke to me, thanks for taking the risk and sharing from within x