Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter Harmony- Welcome Jeanie Anthony

The Winter Harmony blog series is our gift to our beautiful community to help inspire and support you to live in harmony with winter. Join us and some amazing guest bloggers M-F during the month of January.
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When I was asked to contribute to The Winter Harmony Series hosted by Inner Alignment Mandalas, I instantly thought of my partner, Michael Shawn and how he has inspired me to go deeper into my relationship with the Land.  Especially in the Season of Winter.

For the past 5 years, I have lived at the edge of the Mountains in the North Cascade Wilderness.  Daily we encounter the rhythms of wild earth, and in winter, the elements of wind and rain, cold and snow, Eagle and Salmon, Raven and Owl.
Michael is a Mountain Man.  A Shaman through and through.  And every winter, several days a week he makes his pilgrimage into the snowy wilderness to hike, ski, photograph and explore the frozen back country landscape.  He knows much about the terrain, the volcanic history and story of the Wild Country.  He speaks with the Ravens, and follows the tracks of wolverine.  The Mountain Spirits call to him, a longing deep to honor the offering of his devoted heart.  He is alive in these woods, even in the heart of Winter darkness.

And in the evening after his journey into paradise, he returns with a bounty of majestic imagery to share and stories of Nature's wild gifts.

I on the other hand, stay a bit closer to home, watching the Eagle hunt Salmon, Calling to Raven at our resident nest and making photos of the trees that pose with their wavy bones.

What keeps me in winter harmony is my passion for Nature and witnessing the balances inherent in the cycles of living.  The Sun has a quality of healing for me at this time of year, so I grab my camera and head out whenever the opportunity presents.


 Jeanie is deeply in love with the Divine Earth.  Her constant companions are the Trees, Eagles, Ravens, Salmon and the Voices of the Ancestors who have lived in the storm shadow of Cloud Mountain.  When she's not rustling up a living in the city, you'll find her dreaming, singing, painting and creating in her studio, nestled in the woods at the edge of a mountain, in the beautiful North Cascades.  See what she's been up to at  Soul's Voice Creative Arts and Intuition

Michael Shawn is an adventurous mountaineering spirit.  If he could, he would spend every moment in the Wilderness, giving his heart to the Land he loves.


  1. Jeanie...not only have you touched my Heart with your amazing music CD, Singing My Soul Home, but now again with your written words and photos ;) Thank you for sharing YOU with us!