Monday, January 7, 2013

Winter Harmony- Welcome Carrie Saba

The Winter Harmony blog series is our gift to our beautiful community to help inspire and support you to live in harmony with winter. Join us and some amazing guest bloggers M-F during the month of January.
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Winter Harmony...

Winter Harmony is looking at the beauty of trees with winter snow and catching moments of stillness. 
  Winter Harmony is the peace and quiet felt only when riding in a chairlift.
It is the exhilaration of a fresh winter breeze that hits your face when you ski down a run.
Winter Harmony is putting on your snow pants, hats and gloves and playing in the snow like kids . . .
maybe even creating a snow cone café!

  Winter Harmony is taking time out to chill on top of a mountain and embracing the culture that exists there.
It is sunbathing in your winter gear. It is having a snack at a snow beach hut.
It is letting your body rest . . . it is breathing the fresh winter air . . . it is appreciating the moment.   
Winter Harmony is looking through a different lens and capturing unique moments with winter as the back drop.
Winter Harmony is trying something new.
It is bundling up and going dog sledding, snow boarding, skiing, snow tubing, building a snow man, taking a winters night walk . . . it is getting outside and experiencing winter in a new way.
Winter Harmony is realizing you no longer get the winter blues . . .
that chapter has closed.
Winter Harmony is taking advantage of the beauty of nature and what winter can bring into ones life. It can be more than “just getting through it”. It can be a soul loving joyful experience full of smiles if you choose to let it in.
Winter Harmony.
Carrie Saba, Health and Lifestyle Coach, is an open-hearted listener of your truth, passionate believer in self-love and a fun seeking nature lover. Her intuitive and upbeat coaching style creates a safe space where she will meet you where you are and support you as you move closer to where you want to be. She inspires and empowers busy people who want to live a healthier, happier and more vibrant life and need a little extra support along the way.

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  1. Such beautiful images Carrie...coupled with wise and loving words. Thank you so very much...xoxo Sandi

    (I am enjoying your website and will be putting 26 Acts into practice beginning right now. I have not heard of it. (Have I been living in a cave?...) ;)

    1. Thank You Sandi!! Glad you are enjoying it! Have a beautiful rest of your day!

  2. Hi Carrie,
    I love your photographs, they are incredibly beautiful. I went to your website and discovered what a neat person you are, full of life and love, and boy, do you have fun—talk about winter sports woman! Your Word of the Year Companion Guide looks amazing so I ordered it and can't wait to try it. Thanks for your beautiful post, Carrie!
    All the best—

    1. Thank you Mimi! Glad you enjoyed the pictures. I had fun compiling them for Winter Harmony. Enjoy discovering your Word of the Year! Thanks again! - Carrie

  3. Carrie,

    Thank you for the beautiful photos and the reminder that Winter Harmony can be simple or adventuresome...both of which can be missed if not present to them.

  4. Carrie, your bright sunny smile & loving energy brings harmony to any season! Thank you for creating such beauty for all of us to share & be inspired by. YOU ROCK!