Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter Harmony- Welcome Jane Cunningham

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Winter in Te Tai Tokerau, where I live is rainy and a bit cold. No snow. But short days. Life is mostly inside. Muddy. 
It is also in the time most of you call summer.  To you July and August mean heat and dryness.  To me they mean cold and wetness.

So thinking about winter and having friends who live on the other side of the planet fills me with a sense of wonder about the amazing planet we live in.
How while you hold the cold and dark, I hold the heat and light.

And then we swap.
This also acknowledges the deep rightness of allowing the seasons to dictate what we do.  The cold darkness of winter encourages us to hunker down, go within, tend  our heart’s fires.  So that in the spring and summer we have done our resting and our transformation so we are ready to begin the cycle of rebirth and outwardness.

Winter reminds me that stillness is part of aliveness. 
So while you hold the stillness  and I hold the vibrancy, let’s honour the whole and meet somewhere in Spring/Autumn to pass the baton.


Jane is an open hearted creatrix who believes in the power of love, women, creativity and story. She lives in New Zealand with her husband, two lovely daughters and a variety of animals. 



  1. Sitting in the stillness with you, beautiful Jane.

  2. Thank you for holding our warmth and heat. I will tend it well for you when it comes around again, in its own proper time.

  3. Jane...I just LOVE this ~ "Winter reminds me that stillness is part of aliveness." What a beautiful and powerful statement that I am enjoying reflecting on ;)