Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Radiance, Optimism and Clarity

By Jill Marie

Hello Everyone,

Before we see what the energy of May has for us let's do a quick recap of the Energy messages that each month has offered us so far this year.

January: Insight and Action
February: Cleaning Out The Closets
March: Innovation
April: Deepening Into Your Awareness

I'm guided to ask you some questions for reflection:

Have you been consciously able to work with the energy message each month? Have you found that you are able to utilize the insight, and then in combination with your own Intuition, navigate what comes up for you more easily throughout the month? If not how do you think you might be able to take this information and apply it so it benefits you?

For me personally, April was one of the most beautiful months and one of the most intense. As I continue to clear out old energy patterns and beliefs, it has been easier in some regards and not so much in other ways. Thankfully I have an incredible support team and a Bedazzled Toolbox to assist me ;) Knowing that I was deepening into my Awareness I reached out when I was feeling overwhelmed, holding to the idea that what I was going through was exactly what I needed to go deeper.

Okay May what energy and insight is available and beneficial to us on our Journey to ever increasing Inner Alignment?

The key energy of May is: Radiance, Optimism and Clarity.

Thanks to what has been being released over the past few months we have made more room in our physical bodies to hold and express more of our True Essence. We are "Anchoring The Light" so to speak, and It is time to let your Inner Light shine even more and to do this you are encouraged to express your playful Inner Child. You may be feeling the urge to help inspire and empower others, you may be noticing that you can see more clearly, and also that achieving your goals is getting easier. Many are also noticing that they are moving through obstacles with more ease and grace. That applies to those that have been aware and diligent with their Inner Work (or shadow work ~ however you want to phrase it). By diligent I don't mean sitting in your house all day working on yourself or trying to "fix" yourself either. It means being aware of what doesn't feel good, let yourself feel your emotions and then doing what you can to move to the next better feeling emotion (Abraham-Hicks at its best!) and if you need help reach out.

May's helpful energy is filled with more potential for being happy, content and emotionally secure!!!!! How cool is that? Feels about time doesn't it? You have worked hard and showed up for your Dreams and told the Universe that YOU Are All In! How wonderful that the Universal energies are in full support of you and your dreams ;) You might be feeling a sense of Homecoming...coming home to your Divine Self. Like an old friend is back and this time to stay and take the lead if you allow it.

The Challenging energy that has the potential to pop up is the feeling of waiting to be rescued. Basically not doing your Inner Work and expecting somebody else to do it all for you. This isn't to say that you can't have support from friends, family, mentors, coaches or energy healer/well-being practitioners. But if you aren't showing up in that equation and doing what you are being guided to do then you might find yourself going in circles.

It is time now to really, really, really develop and/or deepen your connection to your Intuitive Nature. Let's face it, getting help and support from the outside world is wonderful but you and your Inner Wisdom are your own Personal Authority team. Just let your Inner Wisdom lead :)

If you find yourself feeling complacent and entombed in old habits or notice that you are consistently denying or doubting a calling you feel within you, then it is time to look at some ways to move through that energy. Michelle and I would be happy to assist you in any way that we can or direct you to what we feel might be most beneficial to you. You can contact us via our website and we can schedule a Discovery Session with you.

To sum up...we are moving into a much more Illuminated way of being. The Sun is symbolically and literally shinning its Light upon us and we can no longer suppress or deny what is in our unconscious especially when it is coming up for release. No longer can we ignore our Intuition, avoid the unknown, or behave as if everything is okay if it isn't.

Tap into the Key energy of May and let the Sun's Radiance fill you with Optimism and Clarity. There really is healing energy in the Sun in more ways than one!

With Heart,
Jill Marie

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