Tuesday, May 7, 2013


By: Michelle

This month I was guided to pull a card from my custom card deck. I purchased two decks by Cheryl Lee Harnish. The first deck is the Path of the Soul and the second is Divine Guidance. I love these cards. They are unique, beautiful and because they are abstract in nature they really allow me to use my intuition.

The card I pulled for all of you for the month of May is the Revealed card. Here is the definition from the guidebook:

Do you know how beautiful you truly are? It is time to stop hiding from the world. The Universe is calling you. You have so much to give. This card is a reminder for you to see who and what you truly are. You are a part of the One. You are beautiful and perfect in every way.

When you hide yourself you are withholding, not only your energy- but your Love. Love for yourself and Love for others . Embrace yourself and all your quirks - we all have them! Let yourself be free. Let yourself shine.

Here is additional insight I received about this card:

The Universe is an amazing place. It is filled with great beauty and uniqueness and you are a part of this. Imagine a prism. Each color combines to create the whole. Purple is not prettier than red. Green is not better than yellow. They are equal and yet unique and together they create something greater than they are alone.

Embrace your role in this Universe and allow the light to shine through you. How would you be if you lived your life from this place, with this knowing? How would your life be different?

What a beautiful and empowering message for you this month. Embrace your unique beauty and live your life with pride!


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