Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Where the Mandala Magic Happens!

by: Michelle

Years ago there was a show on HGTV where different crafters would share their homes and where they create and they would demonstrate how they made a piece of art. I loved that show and watched it all the time. I used to rewind the part where the person would say, "This is my studio" and play it over and over to my husband. Haha, I'm so subtle.

I always wanted a studio!

I have tried creating a studio in different parts of my home. I set one up in my master bedroom a few years ago, I've worked in my screen room and basements always seem to be the only real place for messy work. Let me tell you, nothing has ever really worked for me.

When I started working on mandalas for I AM I knew I needed a place to work on them easily and because the technique I created had a very specific set of materials, I didn't I need a huge space to work.

Let me show you my studio!

No matter where I started working on a piece of art, I almost always ended up finishing it in my kitchen/family room so I decided to just set up in that space. I was worried that it would be messy and clog up the flow of traffic but it didn't. It's actually perfect.

Making it work with my lifestyle

I asked for a small art desk for my birthday last year. It's the perfect size for the mandalas and even has a spot to hold my heat gun which I use endlessly.

I put it on the edge of my kitchen under my family command center. It's sitting on the wood floor so I don't have to worry about dripping on the carpet...phew! It seems like a bit of a tight fit but it actually works great.

Ooooh, fun art supplies!

Next to it I put a shelf I already owned and purchased some bins to hold my paints, pencils, brushes and the like. I also keep all my magazines and books that I incorporate into the mandalas. Everything I need is here, at all times, ready to create. I love it.

My little creative corner. Yes, that's my dog Snickers relaxing in the background.

I wanted to show you "my studio" for a couple of different reasons. First, I wanted to show that you can be creative when setting up an art space. I never would have thought I would do this in my public living space and yet it works better than any other set up I've used before. So think outside the box and try it out.

The other reason I wanted to share was so you can see where I'm creating your mandalas; in the heart of my home, surrounded by my family. I enjoy peering into an artist's life and seeing behind the scenes so I thought I would give you a little glimpse into my world.

Have a great day!


  1. Michelle,
    It looks adorably creative, just like you.

  2. Michelle...

    I'm SO happy that you shared your perfect studio space with us here. It is delightful to see where you create your amazing mandalas (and other goodness) :)

    I LOVE peeking into other's studios always fascinates me to see where others create. (LOVE "Where Women Create" (and something tells me you must also subscribe to that wonderful publication) I smile from ear to ear when it arrived in my mailbox every three months. So much to savor inside!

    Thank you so much for sharing Michelle! :)

    with love and appreciation for all you are,


    1. Thank you Sandi! Yes, I love that magazine! It's so fun!