Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Awareness + Simple Tools = Balanced Living

By Jill Marie

We've talked before about some of the amazing "Tools" that are available to help us process life events and it's so important that I want to talk about it a bit more.  When we allow the energy of life to pass through our body systems, we are able to process it and move forward in our lives without getting knocked out of balance, or if we do lose our balance we can quickly regain it without too much disruption.

Of course there are varying degrees to life events with some of them feeling much more devastating than others, but even that is an individual experience.  There are some people that can experience some really big stuff in their life and they move through the natural process of the experience and keep moving forward in their lives.  Then there are others that even something simple seems to throw them over the edge and they never seem to recover from it.

Why is that?

There isn't one simple answer really,  but in a sense there is...

The people that can process life's events easily have released the energy blocks in their energy system and have an open heart (or they came into this life with a really clear system to begin with.)  It is their nature to be open and experience life as it is, without much judgement and drama.

And then there is the rest of us ~  and this is the category I'm in.  When I look at my Archetypes, Life Path Number, Energy Profile and the other energy patterns I came into this life with, I get a better understanding of how and why I do things the way I do.  I came here to release a lot of old ideas and energy patterns and it is has been a big part of my journey.  Life IS meant to be joyful and as soon as I step into that with an open clear energy system the greater I am able to have that experience.

With this awareness I can combine the knowledge I have gained with the tools I have learned over the years, and I can move through life much easier and in balance, or quickly regain my balance when I'm knocked off center.  If I don't take the time to clear, balance, integrate and expand my energy field then life keeps going on in a much less enjoyable way until I take some kind of action to get re-balanced.

How about you?

Do you  take the time to clear your energy field when you feel out of balance? Or do you stay stuck for far longer than you need to?

What are some of the things that yo have found helpful?

If you are diligent you can do this yourself, especially with tools like Meditation, EFT,  and Radical Forgiveness.  Or you can seek outside assistance, when needed, through intuitive energy work, doctors, therapists, chiropractors, hypnotists, coaches and mentors.

For those that need more help...It is part of my purpose to help you clear, balance, integrate, and expand your energy field, reconnect with your True Nature, and align with a life you love living.  Over the past month it has been mine and Michelle's great joy to work with several amazing women in our Inner Alignment Mastery Coaching/Healing program to do just that, and we look forward to sharing more about that with you in the coming weeks!

Here's to Joy Filled Balanced Living :)

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