Friday, July 5, 2013

5 Fun Activities To Enjoy Mother Nature

What is it about nature that lightens the mood and lifts the soul?

It is the connection to the Divine.

It is the miracle of life that surrounds you.

It is the full on sensory feast for your heart.

There is life all around you, life where you cannot see it. There is a part of you that can sense it and without you even knowing it you are able to connect to that life force and charge your battery.

Plug into nature and unplug from technology, stress, “shoulds” and “have to’s”. Spending time in nature is like a reboot for your soul.

Here are 5 fun activities you can try that will get you out and enjoying Mother Nature.

1. Go on a nature scavenger hunt. Get small. Look around for little bits you can collect and bring back to a sacred place in your home. Small pebbles that can be displayed together in a dish, sticks can be taken home and painted or used in your garden, and dried pods, seeds, or leaves can be collected and displayed. Swap out your mini collection each time you venture out into the wilderness.

2. Go on a photo safari. Take your camera or your cell phone out and see your surroundings with different eyes. Try to capture the mystery and beauty through the lens of your camera. Look for interesting angles, different shapes, or new worlds you may have missed if you walked through without your camera.

3. Explore during different parts of the day. You may live in an area that doesn’t’ have a wealth of natural areas to visit and going to the same place all the time may begin to feel monotonous but taking your excursions at different times of the day will create a different experience. Try dawn, early morning, midday, dusk and evening for unique experiences.

4. Take a sensory vacation. Sit in silence for as little as a minute or as long as an hour and allow your senses to be filled. Start with what you can see. Look at colors, textures, and pattern. Move onto what you can hear, what you can smell, what you can feel, and what you can sense? Soak it all in and take a moment to write down your feelings and experiences as inspiration at a later date if you wish.

5. Play! Remember when you were a kid and being outside was enough? You could create whole worlds and experiences for yourself. Go out into nature thinking like a child and see if it changes the experience for you. Run, jump, climb, wade in the water, stack rocks, play catch with another person. Be young and carefree and see how that changes the experience for you.

No matter how you interact with nature this summer, just go out and do it. Fill yourself up with the goodness and the magic of Earth’s energy and see what a difference it makes for you.



  1. That does sound like fun! I think we are going to do that with my kids and my friends children!!! I'll post pics!

  2. That sounds great! I can't wait to see them!