Tuesday, July 2, 2013

These are some Intense times aren't they?

By Jill Marie

Warning...if you are in a super good place right now you may want to skip this post.  This is about going deep and asking some serious questions.  If you are going through an intense time and feeling like you are clearing out some sludge then read on.

What do you think of when you think of Abundance?  It's an interesting word and the truth around it is you are abundant in whatever your dominate thoughts are, which then create what your dominant vibration is, can be very abundant in debt and other forms of lack and limitation.  If you feel nobody respects you or that you aren't good enough, then you can bet that you will have a great abundance of people or a particular person or situation that shows up and "proves" that to you.

Thoughts can be clear and illuminating to serve you in resolving and overcoming any problems or obstacles that your mind creates, or they can be clouded and self-defeating, even destructive at times.  The tricky part is...not all thoughts are conscious and sometimes what is deep within the subconscious is what is running the show.  

So what can we do about that?  You don't know what you don't know...or do you?  What's showing up in your life?  That is a pretty good indicator.  Paying attention to how you are feeling during the day is a key to what lies beneath the surface of your conscious mind. 

 There is a lot of subconscious fears and beliefs that are coming to the surface to be observed and released.  When these old ideas and energies are released it opens up the way for new perceptions, and a new way of looking at things comes into focus.  A spectrum of possibilities that are unlimited in their range are now available.

For so many of us we are now feeling defeated...we have done SO much inner and outer work how could there possibly be any more left to do?  The answer for you may very well be ~ at this point there is really nothing left to do but surrender.  Yet that is not a bad is actually liberating and allows for the potential of starting new and healing at a deep cellular level.

You are being called at this time to reflect on your emotional ups and downs.  There are cycles and patterns throughout all of life.  Observe without judgement and surrender to the truth that this is part of what you came here to experience.  There is nothing wrong with you, you aren't being punished, but you do need to deeply understand that there are Laws of the Universe and there is no getting around them, at least not at the level most of us are operating at.  You can't want one thing yet offer a vibration that just does not match it.  

You want freedom of time and money, good relationships, awesome health and to be aligned with your purpose doing what you love and serving others in that process.  That is what you are being called to be, do and have...yet that isn't your experience or if it is then it's usually only for brief period of time.

It's time to ask yourself some deeper questions:  

Who am I really? 
How am I being moody and emotionally unsettled?
What has me feeling out of balance?
What triggers my huge swings of emotion?
What keeps me distracted from achieving higher joy and higher states of consciousness?
Why do I show only one face to the world and hide the other?
 How can I expect to be my Authentic Self yet still wear so many masks?  
What am I concealing?

You are worthy by Divine Design and you are being called to confidently allow the blossoming of your Authentic Self,  so know that whatever you are going through is clearing the way for the higher vibrational Light that you are, to anchor into your physical body and onto this Earth.  

We are all deeply supported on this journey and I have been guided to create a Mandala Crystal Grid to energetically support all of us who are going through this clearing process.  It won't do the work for you, but it will help support you along the way.

My Heart Is Open Mandala Crystal Support Grid with Chrysocolla, Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz

With Heart,

Jill Marie


  1. Thanks Jill, I really needed this right now :)

    1. Lot's of Love to you Leanne...and thank you for all that you are and all that you do to make this world that much brighter and for sharing your journey and knowledge with us ;)