Wednesday, July 31, 2013

This Is Why Forgiveness Work Is Essential...

By Jill Marie

In Memory of Jacob

Many of you know that my Dad passed away while in the Intensive Care Unit on July 16, 2013.  My Dad and I danced a very intricate dance in this lifetime, one in which I fully believe/know that we had Soul agreements planned before we came into this life experience.  There is no doubt in my heart that it was truly for our Soul growth and evolution.  It wasn't always easy for either one of us and honestly some of it was really hard.  I am glad that I got to have a higher awareness regarding our relationship, and  I am thankful that over the past few years that I took the time to do a lot of forgiveness work around certain events.

All four of us kids got a chance to tell our Dad how we felt from our hearts.  That we loved him despite not always agreeing with the way he chose to do things.  We got to have our voice and honor his beliefs at the same time, nobody had to be wrong.  We needed to say how we felt and he needed to hear it.  None of us had to make the other one understand...just witness and speak what we needed to speak.

Since I had spent the night in his ICU room, had been up for well over 24 hours, and he was pretty stable,  I decided to go home and get a few hours of sleep before I went back to the hospital.  We had just had an intense conversation so before I left I gave him a kiss goodbye and asked him if there was anything else he wanted to say to me before I went home.  I did this just in case there was more that he wanted to clear and I wanted to give him that opportunity.  He looked a bit sad and very tired, and he said "Just that I love you" then his voice trailed off.   That was the last time I saw my dad alert and oriented before he slipped into a coma.  He took his last breath the next day while  my two brothers, my Dad's best friend, his favorite cousins, and I were at his bedside.

I am eternally grateful that I was able to be there at that time. I know not everybody has this type of opportunity for many different reasons, but what I do know to be true is that any type of forgiveness/release work doesn't need to be done in person and can even be done if the other person has already passed on. It is so beneficial to clear that heavy energy that just doesn't serve us.  Those that have crossed over constantly gives us messages that we will benefit greatly by taking care of our business while we are here in physical form.  Many times that includes some type of forgiveness work.

I've talked a lot about Colin Tipping and his Radical Forgiveness work and I can't stress enough how life changing it has been on so many different levels in my life and the clients that I work with. If it had not been for Radical Forgiveness, the work that I have done,  and the support and prayers of many like minded friends, I don't believe things would have ended with this much peace and closure.

I've tweaked Colins Forgiveness Prayer to meet my needs and I had the opportunity to share it with my Dad before he died.  

"To anyone I have ever hurt knowingly or unknowingly, past, present or future, I am so sorry, please forgive and release me now fully and completely.

To anyone that has ever hurt me or caused me pain, knowingly or unknowingly, past, present or future, I forgive and release you now fully and completely.  

For any pain or hurt that I have caused myself in Body, Mind or Spirit, knowingly or unknowingly, past, present or future, I completely forgive  myself and choose to fully love and accept myself now."

I also like to incorporate the Violet Flame in my forgiveness work.  I don't remember where I learned this Decree but it is the one I use the most:

"I call upon the Violet Flame of Transmutation.  Please surround us now, 9 feet in front, 9 feet behind and 9 feet on both sides. 

 Blaze, Blaze, Blaze  

Transmute, Transmute by Violet Fire all causes and cores not of God's desire.  We are beings of Cause alone, that Cause is Love the Sacred Tone.

Transmute, Transmute by Violet Fire all causes and cores not of God's desire.  We are beings of Cause alone, that Cause is Love the Sacred Tone.

Transmute, Transmute by Violet Fire all causes and cores not of God's desire.  We are beings of Cause alone, that Cause is Love the Sacred Tone."

I had asked Michelle to create a Violet Flame Mandala because I was being guided that it would be very beneficial to not only me but for all those that are called to work with The Violet Flame.  Here is a Mandala Crystal Forgiveness Grid that I made when I was having a particularly challenging time with my Dad.

Forgiveness Mandala Crystal Grid

If you have any forgiveness work to do with anybody in your life, including yourself, I encourage you to find some tools like the ones listed above to help you clear that energy and help you find the peace that you deserve.

With Heart,

Jill Marie


  1. Sweet Jill Marie...

    I did not know of your father's passing. I am sorry for your loss.

    But, grateful that you had done forgiveness work and that the last three words spoken to you, were "I love you".

    A beautiful gift to carry in your heart forever.

    My love is with you...


    1. Hi San,

      Thank you for your kind words and love :) Lots of love right back to you tenfold <3